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My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Wednesday 16th March 2022

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Tuesday 29th March 2022
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My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Wednesday 16th March 2022: The Episode begins with Aarti stressing over Gayatri. Senior bahu illuminates Gayatri that Aarti is coming to her. Durga receives Sanjay’s message and gets out whatever did Sanjay compose and why. Sanjay limits his options and goes to science lab. He says Durga needs to excuse me today. Durga figures where did everybody go. A person educates her regarding SP and requests that she come. Durga runs. Sanjay begins hacking. Durga sees Sanjay inside the lab. They all thump the entryway.

She requests that he come out. Gayatri says its an extraordinary day. She sends workers out. She says our connection will get more grounded today, there won’t be any cheat and lies, you need to tell everything valid. Aarti gestures. Gayatri says you need to let me know what you have stowed away.

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My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Wednesday 16th March 2022: Aarti stammers and lies. Gayatri requests that she say truth, its an opportunity to believe her, the aftereffect of breaking her trust is bit excruciating. Aarti stresses and says its nothing similar to that. Gayatri says you had last possibility, its fine, go. Aarti stops and says Durga’s mentor Rana Sir, we have taken care of him wine and confined him, presently Rana has fled, SP is coming near Durga. Gayatri says you are reasonable, I know, I simply needed to hear this from you, let me know who has disturbed you. Aarti says Durga.

Sanjay says sorry Durga. The person says entryway isn’t opening, check the message SP has sent you. Durga reviews the message. Sam grins seeing Sanjay and thinks he is anxious to kick the bucket. Gayatri says I can assist you, you with doing as I say, I can excuse botch, not adroitness. Neelkant comes and sees Aarti. She doesn’t sign anything and goes. Durga peruses the message and attempts to know its importance. Sanjay gets unsteady.

Durga says history… and goes to library. She checks for the keys. She tumbles down and keys drop far. She stresses and attempts to get keys. Sam checks the show out. The man says SP has locked himself and kept unsafe gas on, he can pass on. Sam thinks my kindness happen when SP bites the dust. Durga requests that the person get magnet. She deals with the get keys by utilizing magnet. She rushes to lab and opens the entryway by keys. She arrives at Sanjay and shuts the gas. She tracks down Sanjay oblivious. She requests that he open eyes. Sam says we need to take him out.

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My Daughter Durga On dom Tv Wednesday 16th March 2022: Gayatri goes up against Neelkant. She arranges him to sit on seat. She says you accomplished something useful to save Aarti from losing to Durga, you have won Aarti’s father’s trust and became MLA, your attempt would be better in the event that you didn’t do this huge absurdity, you have no psyche, are you seeing your disappointment here. He says Rana is clueless. She says Durga was at the forefront of Rana’s thoughts, did you control him thusly, how could you let him flee, you realize you faced large challenge. Sam gets SP out. Durga stresses for him. Sam checks Sanjay and says he is no more. Durga and everybody get stunned.

Durga and Yashpal see consuming coal. Rajveer requests that Durga cross this obstacle on schedule. Gayatri secures Neelkant in obscurity place.


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