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My Daughter Durga Thursday 30th December 2021 On Adom tv

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Sunday 6th February 2022:
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My Daughter Durga Thursday 30th December 2021:The Episode begins withMy Daughter Durga Thursday 30th December 2021 Durga saying Madhav looks great, yet he behaves like stone age man. Amrita says you rest now, you need to leave early. Durga thinks to leave soon, as she needs to go for preparing moreover. Durga goes to Yashpal and sees him dozing. She contacts her folks’ feet and saves a note for him. She goes to open the entryway. Madhav comes and helps her. He opens the entryway and asks will you go alone. Durga says OK, I came alone and will go alone. He says I heard you are endeavoring to satisfy your father’s fantasy, generally excellent. She expresses gratitude toward him and asks him not to inconvenience Amrita, else she will come whenever and beat him. He grins. She leaves. He closes the entryway.

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Yashpal goes to awaken Durga. He sees the note. Durga keeps in touch with you would be dropping me to Bua’s home, however I can go alone, I had come

home to tell something demon, I fizzled in papers, I got less checks, Bua misled you, I was unable to remain without letting you know truth, everybody was glad for Amrita, so I didn’t wish to tell yesterday, I guarantee I will get great imprints, simply pardon me for this time. He cries and says my little girl, you upheld truth and finished me in life tests, you made my childhood win, I m glad for you. Durga is coming and figures its first competition to get marks, I will win this for my father.
Shilpa prepares. Sheela comes and praises her. Sheela says go out, Madhav is leaving for office, let him know you like him, I think he is rich, don’t miss him. Shilpa says I will fix connection today and come. Bantu comes and says Billu is frantic, assuming that he goes to police or tells somebody then, at that point, accomplish something. Sheela stresses.

My Daughter Durga Thursday 30th December 2021:Amrita checks note and says Durga advised me to say truth, I didn’t had mental fortitude, you were so cheerful, Durga is buckling down, she will breathe easy, pardon me. Yashpal says no, you thought for great, I m surprise that Durga was thinking I m not conversing with her on account of her poor grades, I didn’t had trust this time, I told your mum, ask her. Annapurna gestures. He says Durga ought to have addressed me. Amrita figures Madhav and thinks to draw out Madhav’s reality with a proof.

Durga returns home and figures Bua will be irate, I didn’t tell her and returned home. Uncle holds her ears and says you came on right time, Bua is having shower, change garments and race to school, atleast let me know if you need to go anyplace. She gestures.

Shilpa sits tight for Madhav. Amrita comes out. Shilpa acts to be available to come in to work. Madhav comes and sees Amrita. Amrita thinks to uncover Madhav by meeting Billu. He figures I will meet Billu and get confirmation to quiet down. Sheela says Billu is frantic, I will meet him today, I figure cash ought to be given to them. Shilpa stops Madhav and requests lift. He requests that she come.

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Yashpal calls Subhadra’s better half and asks did Durga reach. Uncle says OK, and makes Durga talk. Uncle secures Subhadra washroom. Subhadra thumps entryway. Yashpal says I read your letter, you accomplished something useful to tell truth. You might have fizzled in paper, yet you said truth, I realize you are satisfying my fantasies, recall you went there to concentrate on well and pass with great imprints. Durga says I will without a doubt do this. She closes call and goes. Subhadra comes out. She asks did Durga return. Her significant other says OK, she went to class, I m going office.

My Daughter Durga Thursday 30th December 2021:Subhadra stresses. Shilpa expresses gratitude toward Madhav. He says its my obligation, come. Madhav gets a call about Billu’s location. He requests that Shilpa take auto and leave, apologies. She says fine, I will go. She gets irritated. He goes. Sheela reproves Billu for prodding her little girl. Billu says you said young lady isn’t wonderful, so I prodded that terrible young lady, I didn’t realize she is your little girl. Madhav comes to meet Billu. The man requests that Sheela give cash. Billu says I won’t prod Sheela, she is additionally revolting, I know how to get cash, I will get back home then you will give twofold cash. She says fine, let me know how much. He says I need it 10000rs. She pays him cash and goes. She sees Madhav coming and stows away. Billu gets strained. Sheela goes out and looks from window.

Amrita hits on Madhav’s head. Aarti requests that Sanjay prevent Durga from running in race. Sanjay runs with Durga’s shoes. Durga falls and gets injured.


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