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My Daughter Durga Tuesday 28th December 2021 On Adom tv

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Sunday 6th February 2022:
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My Daughter Durga Tuesday 28th December 2021:The Episode begins with Durga griping to head and Rajveer about Sanjay and Aarti playing with her shoe as football, how might I run in face now. Rajveer says Durga can’t run in race without shoes. Chief says school will support new shows for Durga. He rebuffs Sanjay and Aarti and leaves them with a notice. Durga expresses gratitude toward him and gets new shoes. She wears shoes and comes to show Sanjay and Aarti. They become irate. Rajveer says goodness, its incredible, be cautious, some of the time new shoes nibble. She says I won’t move back, I will get great imprints for my father. She misses him. Rajveer requests that she converse with Durga. Durga says thanks to him and goes.

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She calls Yashpal and converses with Annapurna. He asks how are they all, its been numerous days, Yashpal is furious with me, he doesn’t converse with me, I have harmed him a great deal, and my imprints…

Annapurna says no, he needed to meet you and halted himself with the goal that you center around studies, he misses you a great deal. Yashpal comes and hears them. He figures I can make my heart solid, however I can’t rebuff a mum by warding Durga off. Annapurna says I purchased a present for you as you passed with great imprints, I will give you when you meet. Durga gets stunned. Annapurna requests that she be careful and closes call. Durga says I will tell truth to father. She goes to bus stop and requests that man make her arrive at home, she will pay for ticket later. The man says no, this can’t occur. She runs out and about and attempts to take lift. She sees squad car and requests that they stop.

My Daughter Durga Tuesday 28th December 2021:Yashpal converses with Brij about Durga. He sees the squad cars coming. He says Brij you see one day my Durga will come on govt official vehicle then I will open the vehicle entryway by my hands and gladly salute her, I will say she is my Durga. Durga gets down the vehicle. Yashpal and Brij get stunned seeing her. A woman serve gets down the vehicle and commendations Durga before Yashpal. She says she told me everything how you needed to teach her. She goes. Yashpal embraces Durga and asks how could you come in madam’s vehicle, you came here alone. Durga says OK. She embraces Brij.

She says I was missing father so I came here. He reviews Subhadra’s words and thinks she was correct, she left investigations and came here. He calls Subhadra and says Durga came to me here, she came in madam’s vehicle, relax, she is a child, she needed to come. Subhadra stresses and says assuming Durga lets everybody know that I caused her to accomplish all work, I will lose my free house cleaner. Her better half requests that she have disgrace. She acts sweet. He chastens her. He says Yashpal needed his girl to become govt official, you are making her house keeper. He goes. She says I should stress, That Durga does nothing there.Click Here to Read ALso:My Daughter Durga, Full story Summary, Cast & Teasers

My Daughter Durga Tuesday 28th December 2021:Amrita returns home and requests that everybody come. She says I got my first compensation, so I got presents for all of you. She gifts every one of them and takes favoring. Durga gets back home and they generally get stunned. Annapurna and Amrita embrace her. Durga says I would rather not converse with you. Amrita inquires as to why.

Durga says you misled father. Durga thinks Madhav is a criminal and thumps him. Amrita stops Durga.


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