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My Daughter Durga Wednesday 29th December 2021 On Adom tv

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Sunday 6th February 2022:
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My Daughter Durga Wednesday 29th December 2021:The Episode begins with Amrita embracing Durga. Durga embraces everybody and says she is fine. She gets some information about the gift. Dadi says Amrita got presents for everybody, from her first compensation. Amrita gives her first compensation to Yashpal. Yashpal favors her. Amrita gives gifts to everybody. Brij says today twofold satisfaction. Shilpa asks how did Durga come. Brij says from Bhiwani. Yashpal says she was missing us and came here, don’t be aware of her examinations. Durga thinks to tell Yashpal and goes to him. He stops her and requests that she have food, talk tomorrow. Durga says I m irritated with you, I won’t converse with you, you didn’t tell Yashpal, accompany me.

Everybody like the gifts and grin. Durga asks Amrita for what reason did you not tell Yashpal. Yashpal says I m cheerful seeing Durga, she passed with great imprints, she is working

hard, I have misfortune, I can’t favor her. Amrita says father is cheerful, how is it that I could make him extremely upset, I saw him glad later much time. He says I m much cheerful seeing Durga, you don’t have the foggiest idea when she got down the govt official vehicle, I thought she has become SP, I recognized her and I m trusting that this will turn valid, I must be severe towards her, she ought not lose center, I need to see this, she can’t come here along at whatever point she needs.

Durga says I came to let him know truth. Amrita says Yashpal conveyed desserts to everybody that you passed, he is cheerful even today, let him truth and make him extremely upset know if you need. He says I was stressed for Amrita consistently, see she is getting autonomous. Durga says father would be glad for you, I additionally need to do right by him. Amrita says he is glad for you, he cherishes you a ton. She clarifies Durga. She gifts her some cash. Durga says no, you keep it. Amrita says you might require it. They go to Yashpal.

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My Daughter Durga Wednesday 29th December 2021:Yashpal says Durga got great imprints, she fulfilled me. Durga and Amrita come and look on. Yashpal embraces them. Amrita sees a Lord symbol and says this is for Madhav, I will give him. Billu requests that Sheela give cash. Sheela denies and returns home. Billu says you didn’t do right, none got saved by bamboozling me. Amrita sees Billu and says how could he realize my home location. Billu says less cash was paid to me, that young lady slapped me and broke my hand, this was not in agreement, I will take cash from you. He goes. She looks on stunned and says he came later that individual who vowed to give him cash for prodding us. She reviews Madhav and says possibly he did this to become legend in my eyes, I will tell this to everybody. Brij informs Madhav concerning Yashpal, he took Durga to shop, he was saying he won’t converse with her. Annapurna gives tea to Madhav. Amrita sees Madhav with everybody. Madhav says I will leave for office now.

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Amrita stops Madhav and expresses profound gratitude for doing this for us that day, I got this symbol. He requests that she give it. She says no, you don’t merit this gift, you broke our feelings, you can act before family, I know truth, you gave cash to the hooligans to get compassion from my family. He adequately says, I won’t consent to you, assuming you figure I fouled up, get verification, then, at that point, I will concur. She says I will get evidence. He says incredible. She slips. He holds her. She takes a gander at him.

My Daughter Durga Wednesday 29th December 2021:Its evening, Amrita makes painting and sees Madhav going to make tea. Durga comes there to Amrita and asks her for what reason is she irate. Amrita says its nothing. Durga sees her artwork and praises her. Durga sees Madhav outside and says he looks a criminal. She goes with a cover and tosses on him. She pounds Madhav. Amrita stops Durga and says he isn’t criminal, he is our occupant. Durga asks what and tosses stick. Madhav says you both are incredible, one has harsh tongue and different has thistles close by. Durga asks him not to say anything to Amrita. Amrita thinks he merits beating. Madhav says I have propensity to have tea around evening time. Durga requests that he change his propensity. Madhav says possibly Amrita gave you preparing, assuming you have served me today, would i be able to make tea. Durga says no. Amrita takes her and goes. Madhav says she is toofan mail.

Amrita figures I will meet thugs and get verification against you. Mdhav thinks to meet thugs and get evidence to quiet down. Durga saves a note for Yashpal and has a go at leaving from home.


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