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My Heart Know Wednesday 8th December 2021:The episode begins with Malhar thinking about the words Pallavi Billo is a baby Atharv and Sampada. The police came to him and said that terrorists did not open his mouth. Malhar removed his jacket and defeated terrorists. Terrorists said I was innocent and asked him to leave him. Malhar asked him to tell about his partner in a crime. Terrorists say I will say everything. Malhar asked why you did this Kalyani and beat terrorists. Constable stopped it from beating it further. He heard a baby crying and out of the police station. He saw a baby on the jeep and cried and took a baby in his hand. He called Kalyani and asked how dare you leave Moksha here? Kalyani said I was here and came there, and said that you could not hide your love for him and said he remained silent when you took him inYour hands, and say the oldest selerts like baba.

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Malhar gave a baby to Kalyani and asked him to leave. Kalyani said I agreed all your charges, but did not agree that she was not your baby. Malhar said how with the name that Atharv wanted to name it. Kalyani said maybe Chachi heard us talking. Malhar was angry and left.

Anupriya asked Pallavi why did he do this? Aao Saheb came and asked why he went there. He said Pallavi did this on my insistence because I wanted to take revenge from Malhar. He reminded him that he kept it at home and did not drive him away, if not, please outside.

My Heart Know Wednesday 8th December 2021:Anupriya swept his hand and said that you made me at home because of your fake prestige and said he had half of the house. He asked him to tell Malhar. Aao Saheb said he did not care about a baby or Malhar. Anupriya said Kalyani tried to convince Malhar and said that well that Kalyani only had your blood and not your values.

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Kalyani returned home and cried, and thought the baby couldn’t stand the sign it was invalid. He said you were invalid, I would not let anyone call it, and said the behavior of Sampada and Malhar’s behavior was illegal, and promised him that he would not let anyone grab his happiness. Malhar came home and walked towards Kalyani. Kalyani closed her eyes. He saw him away and thought Sampada had committed injustice with the baby and gave him a pain of a lifetime. Sampada thought of calling Kalyani and heard the baby’s voice. He asked God to make him hear the sound of a baby once. Kalyani’s telephone ring. Malhar asked who it was? Kalyani said I didn’t know. He took a call in the loudspeaker and greeted. Atharv came and asked who he was talking? It is a telecaller call telecaller.

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Kalyani rebuked her and ended the call. Atharv asks who he speaks? Sampada told him that he lost a baby. Atharv hurt him and asked him to go and ask if he wanted to stay in prison. Sampada said sorry and said he left home for him. Kalyani told the baby that Malhar was not angry with him and asked him to smile. He asked him to open his mouth and drink milk.

My Heart Know Wednesday 8th December 2021:Aparna came and asked Kalyani to cut baby nails and said she would not be a mother by doing this. Malhar heard it. Kalyani took a big nail cutter. Aparna said it was big and asked if she would cut her fingers. He complained to Malhar. Malhar asked Kalyani to bring a baby nail cutter and ask if I would throw away all day for the baby. Kalyani said sorry and said she would buy it and cut her nails. He asked him not to worry. Malhar said he was not worried, but did not have time.

Kalyani said that she would take a baby to the results of the entrance test. Malhar said 


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