My Heart Knows December Teasers 2021

My Heart Knows Thursday 14th April 2022 Zee World
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Friday December 3 2021

Episode 36.

Kalyani found a bottle of chloroform in Pallavi bag and questioned it about the same thing. Malhar told Kalyani that if he found Sampada and Atharv, they would regret life. On the other hand, Sampada was fed up with the life of poverty. Malhar took Kalyani and Pillau out to shop at Mumbai.

Monday December 6 2021

Episode 37.

Sampada crashed into Kalyani, but Kalyani didn’t recognize her. Sampada sure he made a mistake with Eloping with Atharv.

Tuesday 7 December 2021

Episode 38.

Ahusaheb scored Malhar’s fall. Anupriya realized Ahamarahb wanted to damage its function. So, he was present in disguise.

Wednesday 8 December 2021

Episode 39.

Pallavi interrupted the function by announcing his right as aunt to mention the name of the sadness, insinuating him atharv and sampada children. Malhar felt betrayed by Kalyani, thinking he knew Atharv’s choice because he also suggested the same name. Ahurukeb’s plan was revealed and he saw Malhar who was injured believing in the Pallavi lie and walked out of the function.


Thursday 9 December 2021

Episode 40.

Aparna got Kalyani became a problem with Malhar for the Moksh nail cutting session. Meanwhile, Anupriya failed the test. When the DNA test revealed that DNA Moksh matched Atharva, Malhar was stunned and traumatized.

Friday December 10 2021

Episode 41

Malhar realized that he forgot Moksh in the hospital and rushed back with Kalyani. The doctor advised Malhar to give milk or saline Moksh’s mother because of her stomach infection.

More teaser to be available soon.

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