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My Heart Knows Friday 12th November 2021 :His episode began with a senior student girl who informed Kalyani that every student would know that she was Jija Ki’s item. He wrote J on Kalyani’s forehead. Kalyani shouted Aai. Anupriya knocked on the door. They saw Anupriya and pretended to be happy to think he was a lecturer. Kalyani called him Maa and said that senior students do their ragging. Anupriya asks what the need and tells students to come to study. He said that he was a student.

The students close the door and said that they would do Ragging Anupriya. Kalyani asked them not to dare Rag Anupriya. The girl asked Kalyani to slap Anupriya loudly, she won’t let to write her exam. Anupriya asks if he doesn’t have any value. The girl asked Kalyani to slap her hard. Kalyani said sorry and said that it was important for her to write her exam

He asked for an apology and saw his wobbly hand. He slapped the girl instead, held Anupriya’s hand and asked him to run. The table was jammed at him. He took it out.

Senior girl says you’re leaving today. Kalyani throws color to her. The girl asked her mother’s friends not to let them run. People ask them to run now. Anupriya held Kalyani’s hand and signed it. They hit the students to thwart it. Kalyani asks a junior to take a stand for themselves, the other senior will always be wetting.

The juniors hold the elderly and ask them to leave. Kalyani sparked the color on them and threatened to make viral ragging videos, and warned them told her husband was ACP. Anupriya gave him a recognition card at hand and left.

My Heart Knows Friday 12th November 2021 :Baby crying. Aparna tried to make a silent baby, but she still cried. Kalyani goes home and takes a baby. Babies calm down.

Aparna scolded him because he went to college and said he worked like a servant. Kalyani says what to do if you think like this. He took a baby from there and talked to him about Anupriya took it in his studies. He danced with a baby and saw Malhar stand up.

Malhar took a baby in his hand and asked him to stand on one leg. Kalyani stands on one leg. Malhar asked him to dance standing on a bed / khatiya. He said your childish might leave after falling on it. Malhar said entertainment was lost and asked him to stand up again and dance.

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The baby starts crying. Kalyani got out of bed and took a baby in her hand. Kalyani thanked her baby in her heart because she saved her.

Malhar left. Kalyani told her that she got a receipt card and tomorrow was an entrance exam. Malhar asked him to reach before time and if he failed then nothing would be bad from me.

Anupriya shlowed his confession card to Godaveri. Godaveri is happy. Anupriya said I would be able to write a test. Godaveri asked him not to worry. Anupriya asked him to help him in the study.

Godaveri said he would do it. Anupriya asked him not to tell anyone. Godaveri promises it. At that time Pallavi came to call him.

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Godaveri rose to make paper fal on the floor. Pallavi scolded him because he didn’t study. Aao Saheb came and took the recognition card. He asked what it was? At that time he flew and fell on the side of Malhar’s house. Malhar asked them not to throw garbage to the side.

He rubbed his shoes on the recognition card paper and left. Aao Saheb is angry.

Anupriya came out and got paper. He thought it was good that it wasn’t torn. And Kalyani thinks correctly, then no one can fool me and education is needed for this business. Anupriya prepares to the entrance test. Aparna came and scolded him because he learned hard and said the baby would wake up.

My Heart Knows Friday 12th November 2021 :Kalyani said she was sleeping. Aparna threatened to complain to Malhar. Kalyani said she would sing the song so that the baby slept well. He sings learning. Aparna complained to Malhar that stepmother did not care about the baby. Malhar said whether the baby’s native mother was concerned about the baby, she would not marry to run with strangers leaving us.

Anupriya was in the test of the test center writing and worries thinking why Kalyani did not come. Kalyani asked Godaveri about Aparna, but she wasn’t there. Kalyani thinks

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