My Heart Knows Friday 14th January 2022 Zee World

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My Heart Knows Friday 14th January 2022: The Episode begins with Malhar making Kalyani remain in the large clock and makes her keeps her hands as clock hands, and gets some information about the time. Kalyani says what time it is. Malhar requests that she stand like that and says at whatever point you consider breaking something, you will reconsider. Anupriya thinks she has purchased all the stuff to cause Kalyani as Baba and might suspect where to would she say she is? Kalyani is as yet remaining as a watch and thinks she isn’t yet prepared for the Jata Dhaari baba’s demonstration. She converses with Billu in her heart and requests that he accomplish something. Moksh cries.

Kalyani gets cheerful and moves from the watch. Malhar says I am here to deal with Moksh. He takes him in his grasp. Anupriya draws close to the divider. Kalyani tells her that Malhar rebuffed her to stand like a watch. She tells that it is unimaginable for her to escape house. Anupriya expresses what they will do now. Kalyani requests that she become baba. Moksh is as yet crying. Malhar requests that Aparna bubble milk for child. Aparna requests that he ask Kalyani and tells that she needs to head off to some place desperately. Anupriya says she can’t become Baba. Anupriya asks would you like to bring Sampada’s reality out.

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Malhar requests that Kalyani purchase garments for Makar Sankranti and not to be squanderer. He says you need to become watch in the night subsequent to returning home. Sampada requests that Mugdha leave and says she can deal with Atharv. Mugdha says she won’t go and tells that she got the letter with him. She peruses it that Atharv composed a letter to Sampada tending to her as his sister and admit of his affection for Mugdha. Sampada is stunned and thinks assuming that she did a misstep to leave her child for Atharv.

Anupriya comes indisguise of Jata Dhaari baba and thinks assuming I get captured that Aparna will take me to Aao Saheb. She thinks to go and afterward thinks she needs to show a few mental fortitude for Kalyani. Aparna sees her and contacts her feet calling her baba. She inquires as to whether Anupriya called her and says she is her Vahini. Anupriya gestures. Aparna tells that she is in trouble and requests that she help her. Anupriya signs her about Sampada. Aparna requests that what do as such that her girl returns. She tells her that her little girl is sanskari, yet ran off with a person who incited her. She requests that she let some know arrangement. Anupriya gives her something and composes on the divider requesting that she keep the pot in Sampada’s home. Aparna says thanks to her and leave. Anupriya wishes kalyani likewise accomplishes her work. Kalyani comes there with Anupriya. She tells that she has stowed away a recorder clinched and whatever she talks will be recorded.

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My Heart Knows Friday 14th January 2022: Malhar checks the things which Kalyani purchased and reproves her bringing utensils. Kalyani says Aai had said that it is favorable to purchase new utensils today. Malhar says I have no cash to satisfy your mom’s desires. He says he will rebuff her. A woman comes and lets Kalyani know that she thought that she is in her garments which she offered to purchase utensils. She requests that Kalyani give old garments sometime later and not new garments. Kalyani asks Malhar not to rebuff her. Malhar says I sit around aimlessly assuming that you sell your garments.

My Heart Knows Friday 14th January 2022: She says she will proceed to become watch. Malhar requests that she stop and says you have taken in the showing which I need to give you. Kalyani lets Billu know that nuclear bomb will be some film legend. Malhar comes there and lets Kalyani know that he don’t need neighbors to giggle subsequent to eating tilgul so he will make it himself. Kalyani says Aai has instructed me. Malhar expresses what to do. Kalyani feels terrible and thinks she needed to make it, however. Anupriya thinks Malhar scorn for kalyani closes on Makar sankranti day. Aao Saheb comes there. Anupriya inquires as to whether she is heading off to some place. Aao Saheb chides her for asking and requests that she accompany him, as she is going to some client’s home. They need to purchase elements for tilgul. Anupriya asks who? Aao Saheb says SKG school head. Anupriya gets strained.

Aao Saheb tells that main couples participate in kite contest and tells that Malhar and Kalyani’s connection is simply name purpose. Kalyani lets Malhar know that they will contend and make them lose. They fly the kite together.


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