My Heart Knows Friday 19th November 2021 Zee world

My Heart Knows Thursday 14th April 2022 Zee World
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My Heart Knows Friday 19th November 2021:The episode begins with a thought bomb Kalyani can not spread out now, because there are only a few minutes remaining. He thinks to save Malhar and others. He pushed the bomb squad and exhausted. Malhar shouts asked him to stop. Anupriya holding her hand, but kalyani pushing and running. Malhar out. Anupriya shouts and cries asking him to save Kalyani. He took a jeep and drove off. Kalyani walked asking people to move. Malhar asked him to stop. Kalyani said he could not take the risk of his life and asks him to leave. Malhar holding Kalyani while driving a jeep and take the jeep away. Anupriya take a taxi.

Malhar stop the jeep. Kalyani encourage him and said I would not let anything happen to you. Malhar walked behind her and holding again. He asks her to be quiet, holding closer to him and pulled out a baby carrier on her waist. They saw the bomb will explode. He pushed Kalyani and throw bombs in the air, crashed into the pond. Anupriya reach there. Malhar Kalyani asked what he thought of her and say I do not look stupid girl like you in my life.

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My Heart Knows Friday 19th November 2021: Anupriya say I was proud that she was stupid and say I was glad when he was trying to save your life who do not talk to him either. He said my son is stupid to save you. You can not identity him, but I understand and say we are not related to one another, but his ignorance rope. He says Kalyani afraid that your life will be in danger if the bomb squad can not spread bomb. Malhar say I wish someone would have saved my life, then I will embrace him / her and thank him / her.

He goes. Kalyani ask why you take my side. Anupriya beat him and asked if something had happened to you then? She cried and hugged. Kalyani said sorry and said he had a feeling of a mother now, and realize the same feeling when Billu in her lap. He said it seemed the Lord was training me to be a mother. Anupriya smile. Kalyani said sorry.

Anupriya hug. They reached the police station. Kalyani took the baby from Malhar and got concerned for the baby and say sorry for the baby. Malhar to say we will be back and back before Naamkaran program. They reached the house. Aparna came and asked him to give her baby. She took the baby by force. Baby began to cry. Aparna said I heard everything, my big boy’s life in danger because of you. Kalyani asks him to give her to him. Aparna said the baby will stay with me. baby crying.

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Malhar ask Aparna to give the baby Kalyani. Kalyani carrying a baby in her arms. Baby kept quiet. Aparna ask him not to come in the naming ceremony as everyone knows that he is profitable. Malhar is silent. Aparna and ridicule Kalyani grinned again. Kalyani look at Malhar and said Aparna that she would attend the baby’s naming ceremony and will make the arrangements and said that Billu is not crying in his lap.

Anupriya is in the car and thought to make some of the reasons why he did not come back with Vivek. He thought no one would know that we started talking. Aao Saheb watches Kalyani saved 25 people in the mall on TV and thought he might have to run to save himself and the people misunderstood. Workers come and tell about Kalyani rescue people at the mall.

My Heart Knows Friday 19th November 2021: Aao Saheb said Kalyani save himself. Anupriya come there. Aao Anupriya Saheb asked why he went to Mumbai with Vivek and where things that he brings? Aao scolds Anupriya Saheb and asked workers to leave. She asks him not to show his face again. Workers say the house is not yours, I’ll come in the evening to attend CLICK These Streets November Teasers 2021 HERE TO READ ALSO

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