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My Heart Knows Friday 1st April 2022 Zee World: The Episode begins with Malhar sending Atharv to imprison. Pallavi says no one can take my sibling from here and yells. Malhar says I have taken a choice and tells that Atharv will turn out to be fine there. Kalyani requests that somebody open the entryway. Atharv lets Malhar know that he did nothing to Swara and so on He calls him baba and requests that he stop him. He tells that he won’t take saltines and did nothing to Aatya and was safeguarding Balu from apparitions.

Pallavi comes to Kalyani’s space to take her assistance, however observes the entryway locked and Asawari stops her and tells that it is for Atharv’s improvement. Atharv argues infront of Malhar that he is honest as Pawar and others attempt to take him to the jeep. Asawari keeps on halting Pallavi, yet the last option compromises her. Asawari says it is for Atharv’s advancement. Madhav stops Sarthak.

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Atharv yells calling Aai (Kalyani) and requests that she save him. Kalyani attempts to emerge from room through the overhang, yet Aahir requests that she head inside and pushes her inside and locks the entryway. Pallavi breaks the lock utilizing the mallet and requests that Kalyani save Atharv.

My Heart Knows Friday 1st April 2022 Zee World: Kalyani comes out grasping Moksh. Asawari stops Kalyani and tells that Malhar and her connection can turn out to be more regrettable or can break assuming she helps Atharv. Kalyani says for the present, she really wants to save Atharv and will not handover her child to anybody. She says she have zero faith in anybody right now and ties Moksh on her back with Pallavi’s assistance.

Madhav becomes irate. Kalyani runs outside. The psychological haven jeep begins. Kalyani comes out and attempts to stop. The jeep stops. Malhar stops Kalyani. Kalyani tells her that she heard Kaka and Swara discussing the genuine offender. She says Atharv is guiltless and she have little to no faith in him (Malhar) presently. She begins running behind the psychological shelter transport.

Atharv calls Kalyani and asks where I am removed, and requests that she save him. Kalyani says where Baba is sending you, individuals are great there and you will appreciate with them. Atharv says the apparition which had beaten Tatya, had harmed Nani too. Kalyani is stunned and reviews the episode. She surges back close to the well and gets a recording device. She calls Aai. Aao Saheb comes there and tells that Anupriya was oblivious here and that is the reason Parshiya took her to medical clinic. They go to clinic.

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Kalyani lets Aao Saheb know that something isn’t right in the house and Kaka and Swara are concealing something. The recording device gets turned on unintentionally and they hear RadheShyam telling that Sarthak Rane needed to kill him and asking whoever hears kindly assistance him. Kalyani is stunned and shocked. Aao Saheb takes Moksh from her hand. She carries water for herself and provides for Kalyani. Kalyani drinks and gets unsteady. She requests that she rest and take the recording device from her hand.

My Heart Knows Friday 1st April 2022 Zee World: Malhar lets Swara know that he misjudged Kalyani ordinarily and sent Atharv to mental consideration. He asks did I do well and inquires as to whether she is certain that Atharv fouled up with her. All of a sudden Swara hears RadheShyam’s voice and runs out. Aao Saheb plays recording in which Radheshyam is telling that his life is in peril as Sarthak Rane needs to kill her and asks whoever gets this recording, kindly save me. Malhar asks where did you get this recording? Aao Saheb says Anupriya got this and inquires as to whether he can’t see crooks in his loved ones. She says that Madhav and others knew it all.

Precap: Aao Saheb tells Malhar that Kalyani had recorded FIR against them and they all will go to prison. Malhar asks where is Kalyani and the way in which she can do this with my loved ones. Kalyani is oblivious in the medical clinic with Anupriya.


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