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My Heart Knows Saturday 11th December 2021:The episode starts with Atharv saying that he will not accept defeat easily. Kalyani asked her to leave Sampada and said I would approve your words. Atharv asked him to marry him. Kalyani panicked. Anupriya asks why you want to marry her, because you like Sampada. Atharv said I wanted to destroy his life when Sampada left my life, and said he would fill his life with misery. He asked Kalyani to approve Sampada and his unborn baby to die. He asked Anupriya to make Kalyani agree. Kalyani agreed to marry her. Anupriya asked Atharv not to damage Kalyani’s life. Kalyani asked her to leave Sampada. Atharv said until we married, Sampada would be in my captivity. At that time Malhar came there on his jeep.

Sampada told Anupriya that Malhar came. Atharv became tense. Malhar took a bouquet and come inside. He saw a chaotic house and cried in the eyes of Anupriya and Kalyani. He asked who did this? Kalyani said I … Kalyani remembered Atharv threatened them to kill Sampada. He told Malhar that everyone left him on his birthday and Anupriya made a black forest cake for him, instead of chocolate cake so he messed up the house. Malhar faced him and asked why he did this with Anupriya. He said what Aao Saheb would say? Anupriya said he was a girl.

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My Heart Knows Saturday 11th December 2021:Malhar asked Anupriya not to take it. Anupriya said today was his birthday and asked him not to be angry. They came to the room. Anupriya told Kalyani that they would tell me everything to Malhar and said he would bring Sampada to be her husband and a police officer. Kalyani said we could not risk the life of Sampada and if Atharv tells the truth to Malhar, their relationship will end.

Anupriya said I could not sacrifice your life to save Sampada. Malhar knocked on the door. Anupriya and Kalyani looked at each other. Malhar asked for a telephone charger and said my cellphone battery was dead. Anupriya nodded his head. Malhar said I was really annoyed with Kalyani because of her childish behavior and even Sampada would feel bad.

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Anupriya prayed for Sampada and her baby and looked for chargers. He said Sampada would call me at 8pm and said if you did not get a charger then I could not talk to him. Anupriya looked for chargers and said he could not find it. He hid his charger so Malhar did not call Sampada. He got a call from an old woman and he said he came to the police station. He said his name was Mangla. He asked him to come and meet him.

Kalyani was seen talking to her using PCO and complaining about her family. He called him again. Malhar’s cellphone battery is dead. Kalyani remembers hearing it and involves the phone. He thought now Malhar would think, he couldn’t talk to Sampada now. Anupriya asked if he made a mistake by hiding from Malhar.

Kalyani told Anupriya that she made Malhar’s cellphone dry and said that Atharv couldn’t call him. Anupriya said we risked Sampada’s life. Kalyani said we saved him from Atharv. He got an Atharv phone and he said that if he told Malhar then the consequences would be bad. He saw Atharv trying to give injection to Sampada. Sampada shouted that this was bad for my baby.

My Heart Knows Saturday 11th December 2021:Kalyani and Anupriya were surprised. Aparna comes with everyone and asks why when shouting and where is he? He asked how his voice came from your cellphone. He asked him to give his call. Anupriya and Kalyani were surprised. Atharv came there and showed a video where Sampada shouted at cockroaches. Aao Saheb stated that Atharv and Kalyani would get married tomorrow.


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