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My Heart Knows Friday 3rd December 2021: The episode began with Malhar bring Kalyani to prison and asked him to give good news about his marriage. Kalyani asked her to punish her and said that her dad couldn’t see it in married clothes. Malhar held his hand and asked him to come. Kalyani tried not to go and said I didn’t want something to happen to Papa. Malhar dragged him holding his hand. He said well you will tell him, or I will tell you and maybe I will tell everything and you will fall from his view forever. Kalyani begged him not to say anything to his father and touch his feet. Kalyani agreed. He thought about Malhar squeezing him to see Atul. Atul said how he could get married, he was only 18 years old. He coughed. Kalyani asked her to drink water. He drinks water and asks if someone forces you to get married.

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He asked If Aao Saheb forced him to get married and asked Anupriya to tell. Malhar came and called Kalyani.He asked Kalyani to say and told Atul you might not know me. Atul said maybe you were a Sampada husband. Malhar asked Kalyani to say and said I would tell you. He said that Kalyani took part in college drama and became a wife in playing, and thought to joke with you. Kalyani said yes. Atul said my heart was beating fast and said Anupriya and you had taken my life. He said you might force Anupriya to support you. Malhar said they were familiar with damage. Atul said I thought Kalyani and Madhu teased me. Anupriya saw. Kalyani hugged her and said I missed you. Malhar said time was finished. Kalyani came out. He cries.

Malhar came out. Kalyani thanked him because he didn’t break the heart of Papa. He thanked him. Malhar said there would be a difference between us and said I did not damage the lives of others. Kalyani said I had realized that the man was honest and well behind your anger and pride. Malhar asked him not to misunderstand and said my goal was to hurt you, you couldn’t change me or my goal. Anupriya came out and called a taxi. He sat, Kalyani also sat down. Anupriya looked at him. Kalyani said it would be night, and if I was late then you would worry. He asked him not to think that he was talking to him and said he was still upset with him for baking a house. He asked him to finish his studies so that no one called it illiterate. He asked why you didn’t talk to me and was angry. They got off the car and paid money to the driver.

My Heart Knows Friday 3rd December 2021:Kalyani was sleeping on the floor and was cold. He woke up and was surprised to find himself on the ice bed. Malhar asked him not to move and said I made you enjoy a cold valley. He said I read about the message of your phone and asked him not to get off the ice, and said he worked hard to bring a cold valley to him. Kalyani felt very cold. The baby starts crying. Malhar asked Kalyani to get off ice and come there. Kalyani fell from ice beds. Malhar asked him to come and make a silent baby. Kalyani gave Nip * le honey for babies. Malhar asked him not to make him a baby habit. Kalyani took her out. Malhar took him from his hand and honey biting him fell from his hand and was destroyed by him. He asked him to bring honey from the kitchen.

Kalyani looks for honey bottles. Malhar scolded him. Kalyani said she didn’t know where it was. Malhar said the waiter was better than you. Anupriya heard them and looked after honey in a bowl. Kalyani smiled. He came out of the kitchen and got a bowl, but Malhar held his hand and stopped him.

My Heart Knows Friday 3rd December 2021: Precap, Malhar asked Kalyani to fill out the college form and send. Aparna thinks he w

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