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My Heart Knows Monday 10th January 2022: The Episode begins with Vivek recounting a phony story to Kalyani that Anupriya got extreme stomach torment, when they brought her here, Doctor said that they need to do her activity. Kalyani says Operation and asks where could the OT be? Vivek requests that she tune in and thinks assuming she comes to realize that we are selling Maayi’s kidney then we will not be save. He runs behind her. Kalyani races to OT and hears Doctor requesting that medical caretaker keep kidney in fridge once he takes it. She says you need to take out my Aai’s kidney and compromises the specialist. Vivek denounces Doctor. Kalyani lets Vivek know that she is far fetched with regards to him. Vivek undermines the Doctor. Specialist flees. Sampada thumps on the entryway. Atharv requests that she quit thumping.

Kalyani requests that Doctor stop and pushes Stretcher on him, making him tumble down. She beats him and asks how could you to attempt to take out my Aai’s kidney. Specialist picks a glass piece and takes steps to kill Kalyani. Kalyani says I am not frightened of you and asks do you have at least some idea who my significant other is? She says her significant other is ACP Malhar Rane and attempts to grab glass piece from Doctor’s hand. Vivek requests that she leave him. Kalyani attempts to get the glass piece from his hand and lets Vivek know that she will send him to imprison as well. She has a battle with Doctor and he is going to cut her with the glass piece, all of a sudden Malhar comes and flames at the specialist’s hand. Specialist tumbles down. Kalyani is stunned and afterward takes a gander at Malhar. She gets up and hurries to Malhar. She tells Doctor that Police came to take his baraat. Specialist says I sat idle, I was simply.

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Pallavi comes there and sees Malhar and Kalyani there. She thinks in the event that Vivek is gotten. Kalyani faces Malhar for questioning on her and lets him know that this Doctor needed to take out Anupriya’s kidney and Aai is oblivious in the OT. Pallavi races to store space to stow away and the rack is going to fall on her, when Atharv saves her. Pallavi sees Atharv and Sampada and says you are alive. She lets Atharv know that she won’t leave him and beats him. She says I will kill you as I need to bear the insults.

She then, at that point, slaps Sampada for catching her sibling and leaving her own child. Atharv requests that she quiet down and tells that Kalyani and Malhar are in a similar clinic. Kalyani becomes stressed for Anupriya. Vivek lets Malhar know that when they carry Anupriya to emergency clinic after she grumbles of stomachache, Doctor did tests and told that he wants to work on her. Specialist says he is lying and afterward he blacks out. Other Doctor comes there to join the cut. Pallavi tells Atharv that Anupriya came to be aware of them. Atharv asks how? Pallavi says Sampada called Aparna.

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My Heart Knows Monday 10th January 2022: Atharv chides Sampada and says they will return home and talk. He expresses gratitude toward Pallavi for opening the entryway and they leave. Pallavi comes and inquires as to whether the specialist attempted to take Anupriya’s kidney. Malhar asks how would you know? Kalyani says she is certain that they are along with the Doctor. Vivek says how we can imagine doing a wrongdoing when we have the Police official at home. Malhar requests that Pallavi answer. Pallavi acts and requests that he capture them. She tells that they are blameless and went to sanctuary. She cooks stories. Kalyani asks them for what reason both of your telephones were off. Malhar requests that she quit accomplishing his work and tells that they will take Maayi home. Malhar requests that Constable watch out for Vivek and Pallavi, and tells that he is certain that Anupriya will take him to Atharv and Sampada. Atharv and Sampada are taking cover behind him, take auto and leave.

Kalyani, Anupriya and Malhar are in the jeep. He asks what did Doctor say? Kalyani says Doctor said that she will acquire cognizance in at some point. Malhar asks then for what valid reason would she say she is vexed? Kalyani says she is concerned for her Aai and asks him how he can leave Pallavi and Vivek. Malhar says he don’t have any verifications against them and tells that he needs strong confirmations, very much like Sampada left letter expressing gratitude toward her. Kalyani expresses what is the verification that the letter was genuine. Malhar says my heart says that you both are blameworthy. Aao Saheb blows up realizing Kalyani blamed Vivek and Pallavi. She requests that Constables go. All of a sudden Malhar and Kalyani reach there with Anupriya.

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My Heart Knows Monday 10th January 2022: Aao Saheb attempts to reprimand Kalyani. Kalyani says first she will take Aai inside. Malhar sees kalyani couldn’t remove Anupriya from jeep and that is the reason he lifts the last option and takes her to room. Kalyani covers Anupriya with the cover. Aao Saheb asks how could you to charge my child and tells that Anupriya demanded to go with them to Mumbai. Kalyani says I am certain that Chacha and Chachi are lying, however don’t have confirmation. Pallavi says why we will do something like this. Aao Saheb asks her not to explain. She advises them that they are remaining next to her of house and abuses them. Constable comes and tells that medication isn’t in the jeep. Kalyani says she failed to remember it in the clinical shop. Anupriya takes Kalyani’s name while being oblivious.

Malhar asks Anupriya for what good reason did she go to Mumbai and gets some information about Sampada and Atharv. Anupriya says she didn’t converse with them. Kalyani requests that she tell everything to Malhar.


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