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My Heart Knows Monday 13th December 2021: The episode begins with Kalyani Wardboy asked about the boy. Wardboy said there was an orphan here. Kalyani said the baby is not an orphan. Malhar asked where my son? The doctor said you left your son here, he was a lot of crying and fainting. He said his life was in danger. Kalyani said the affection will be fine when I met him. Aparna said how could a baby? Doctors say it happened because of crying continuously and Malhar to fill out a form requesting a DNA test. He said you could see the baby in some time. Kalyani surprised and confronted with Malhar on his decision to get a DNA test. He said you think if Billu is your son or not. He said I think you take care of the baby and say that today you fell in my eyes. Malhar said since I heard Pallavi, my life being miserable, I think if he was my son or not. He said when the nurse said that the baby’s blood group is B +, I think Atharv same blood group, and rush to know the blood group Sampada and forget the baby at the hospital.

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My Heart Knows Monday 13th December 2021 :Aparna said blood group B + Sampada well. Malhar Anupriya asked not to blame the baby. Kalyani asks if the baby is not yours and you will throw it into the trash, said the baby could not destroy his relationship with you. He asked her to complete the DNA tests and says if it is proved that he is your son, then you are also not able to show any rights to the baby. He said whatever the outcome, you can not be a father. He says you have proved that you can not be his baba. Malhar cry. Kalyani said Moksh do not need you or your name, I’ll give him my name. He said Moksh Kalyani Deshmukh, son. He said that our relationship does not depend on any medical tests and said if anything happened to him then you will be liable. Malhar ripping form a DNA test and run away from there. The song plays soothing …… Anupriya Kalyani. Kalyani came to the ward and saw a baby with the support of oxygen and pulse. He was surprised. A sad song played … ..malhar comes to maintaining and wondered what had happened to me, my name at Moksh, if not enough, when she smiled at me, if that was not enough, when he slept on my chest, I felt at peace he asked himself if it was not enough. The doctor asked Kalyani to exit.

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Kalyani said he wanted to speak with her baby. He asked the baby to open his eyes. Malhar blamed herself for the condition of the baby and slapped her repeatedly and cried. Kalyani crying and asking for Billu to open his eyes. Baby holding his hand. Anupriya and Aparna smile looking at it. Kalyani told doctors that the baby gets consciousness. Doctors examined the baby and said thank God, he’s breathing normally now. Kalyani told me to say that my son will be fine. Kalyani doctor asks if they want to complete DNA testing. Malhar come and say no. Kalyani took the baby to the side. Malhar said DNA tests are not necessary and said whatever the outcome, I do not care. He said this baby is mine. Anupriya and Aparna smile. Doctors say the baby is fine now, but we’ll keep him silent. Kalyani ask the doctor to return and complete the test. The doctor asked her to keep the baby nurses to monitor it. Kalyani mock Malhar and tells the baby that he’ll never leave.

My Heart Knows Monday 13th December 2021 :Kalyani told Baby that she took classes for abandoning the atomic bomb in the hospital. Anupriya signed Kalyani to come. Kalyani go near the wall. Anupriya asked about the baby. Kalyani said he did not smile a lot, but she was fine. He said that he had passed in the entry test. Anupriya said I thought I was going to fail. Kalyani asked him to go to college alone on the first day because of Billu would be alone .. Anupriya says he will not go without. Kalyani asked him to agree. Anupriya agree. Kalyani asked him to go again Malhar will come. He turned to go and see Malhar stand. Malhar took the bottle from his hand and said you can not give him the milk. Kalyani said it was also not

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