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My heart Knows Monday 15th November 2021 Zee World

My Heart Knows Wednesday 17th November 2021 Zee world
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My heart Knows Monday 15th November 2021 Zee World:The episode starts with Vivek carrying money. Pallavi said Vivek would handle everything and took a bag of money from his hand. Anypriya said Aao Saheb had handled all financial problems until now so he would handle it now.

He took the bag of money from him and gave Aao Saheb. Pallavi thinks of stealing money at night. Kalyani brought tea to Malhar. Malhar asked him to stay.

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Kalyani said she didn’t have any cheating. Malhar asked him to do work rather than saying the same thing. Malhar said if you would have worried about the baby, it would be looking for a pandit to naam the baby.

Kalyani asks what is it? Malhar said it was a ceremony for a baby name. Kalyani said she continued her name Pillu. Malhar said what he would be called Pillu Malhar Rane. Kalyani laughed. Malhar asked him to make

Setting and say he will call Pandit. Kalyani said what would we name her? Malhar said I would think and ask if his mother’s nameset taught him to break only. Kalyani cleaned the house and wiped the floor. Aparna came and made a dirty place with her muddy sandals. Kalyani gets angry.

My heart Knows Monday 15th November 2021 Zee World:Aparna threatened not to show her eyes and said I could make Kalyani believe that Malhar was in my control. He asked Kalyani to make a clean fast place. He saw Malhar and began to act. Kalyani cleaned the floor again and left. He brought a broom and cleaned the wall. He threw fake lizards in Aparna.

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Aparna shouted and walked.
Malhar came at that time. Aparna said she would clean the house and do the remaining work. Malhar saw an artificial lizard and smiled. Kalyani search for lizards later. Malhar asked him if he was looking for this and gave him a real lizard. He is screaming. Malhar gave artificial lizards and asked what he wanted to prove that Aayi did not want to do work. He said I want you to do all the work and ask him not to bother him when he looks for his baby’s name.

Malhar spoke to the police. Kalyani saw strange names and swallowed paper, thought she would not let him keep these names for babies. Alternately Malhar and see the paper. Kalyani said I would not let you stay these names.

Malhar asked him to open his mouth and remove paper. He asked if he was stupid and said that it was the names of criminals. Kalyani came out and collided with Pallavi. Chloroform bottle falls. Kalyani took it and asked Aao Saheb for the question. Pallavi said his son’s teacher asked for it, to make the subconscious frogs. Anupriya and Kalyani have an argument.

Pallavi came to Aao Saheb’s room and chloroform spray at AAO Saheb and Rao Saheb.

Both of them got up and asked what he did there? Pallavi acts as if he walks in sleep. Anupriya thought it was good that he changed chloroform with water. He thought Vivek and Pallavi were not trusted.

Anupriya calls Kalyani on the night itself. Kalyani came out of the room to meet and got emotional. The song plays … ..Anupriya says nothing and her appearance to her while smiling. Kalyani also smiled. They sit on the stairs.

My heart Knows Monday 15th November 2021 Zee World: Anupriya thanks to Kalyani and asked how you were like he acted, when he scolded him infront of Aao Saheb. Kalyani says you are pro, experts. He said we had to act to be angry with each other. He said if Aao Saheb or Malhar came to know that we were united and the team would be problematic.

He said we had to act so we could oversee Pallavi and Aparna. Anupriya feels bad for him. Kalyani said I could face the problem and asked him to keep her love.

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