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My Heart Knows Monday 18th April 2022 Zee World: The Episode begins with Kalyani getting up in the first part of the day and winds up resting on the floor. She takes a gander at Moksh resting on the bed and tracks down letter under the cushion. She opens the envelope and peruses the letter incredibly. She says Malhar ji. Anupriya comes there and asks where is she going? Kalyani lets Anupriya know that she won’t allow anything to happen to Malhar and goes to converse with Rachit and persuade him to wed her. she says she will save Malhar. Malhar remains on the table and opens the lock, yet the keys tumble down before he opens the other lock.

Rachit will not wed Kalyani. Kalyani says they have no choice than this marriage. Rachit says sorry. Kalyani says the marriage won’t be genuine, yet showing Aahir and others will be phony. She shows the letter which she found under her cushion, in which Aahir asked kalyani to cause Rachit to propose her. She says somebody is watching out for us, 24 hours. Rachit says who could be the individual. Kalyani says she needs to find out.

Aahir brings projector box to Malhar. Kalyani thinks she needs to act to cause Aahir to trust her. She guarantees in her heart to discover the individual aiding Aahir. Rachit twists down on his knees and propose Kalyani. Anupriya asks Kalyani not to consent to wed Rachit and says your connection will break with Malhar. Madhuri requests that she read the letter in which Aahir requested that they do this. Malhar asks what is this garbage? Rachit asks Kalyani will you wed me? Kalyani advances her hand and cries. Malhar couldn’t bear and turns his face. The naxal turns his face towards the projector screen.

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Rachit is going to make her wear ring. Kalyani wears it herself. She says on the off chance that you was seeing this, would have comprehend at this point, that I am defenseless. She thinks I am your better half and will be generally your significant other. She thinks Kalyani is deficient without Malhar. Malhar gets it and says no one can isolate us. Aahir tells that Kalyani acted savvy and presently Malhar will be rebuffed. Malhar looks on. Kalyani lets everybody know that Malhar ji had named all his property on her name, however presently as they are separated, she is naming all property on Moksh’s name and he will get it when he turns 18. She advised Sarthak that they are acting to realize who is helping Aahir and requests that he help her. Sarthak says I am generally with you. fb closes.

Sarthak offers papers to Kalyani which she hints. She tells that she has endorsed on the clear papers and requests that he prepare the papers to move property on Moksh’s name. Aahir watches this and says how could this young lady name the property on Moksh’s name, this property is mine. He thinks he has helped Mamta till now, she needs to help him now. He calls Mamta. Mamta picks the call. Aahir lets Mamta know that he is doing this to get property. He requests that she get the clear papers to him. Mamta says she will get the papers and will provide for him. Aahir says this property is mine. Anupriya asks Kalyani to avoid this marriage and reconsider. Mamta inquires as to why you need to demolish my little girl’s life, what is it that you need? Would you like to see my little girl as widow, which you occurred with you. Kalyani yells Madhuri. Aao Saheb requests that Anupriya let this occur and get Kalyani’s powerlessness. Anupriya says I can’t see Kalyani and Malhar isolating and takes more time to room.

My Heart Knows Monday 18th April 2022 Zee World: Kalyani embraces her and requests that she quiet down. She says this marriage is a show and tells that property dramatization is the dramatization so we can contact the individual aiding Aahir. She says she didn’t tell this to Rachit too. She says about the phony marriage, she told to Kaka, Rachit and you. She says she didn’t tell Madhuri else she will get strained.

Anupriya comes to kitchen and sees her pic with Kalyani on the identification kept on the refrigerator. Mamta comes there and requests that she toss it, as her little girl will be hers soon. The identification gets drawn to her counterfeit hand by the attractive power and sticks to it. Anupriya is stunned. Mamta says this is a direct result of the bangles and goes. Anupriya thinks why Madhuri was strained, and thinks what is she stowing away from us.

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Aao Saheb asks Anupriya not to converse with anybody much. She says I would have rather not called anybody for this marriage, however madhuri called every one of the neighbors. The neighbors come there and get some information about the capacity at home. Aao Saheb says Kalyani is getting remarried. The neighbor inquires as to whether Kalyani and Malhar are getting remarried. Aao Saheb says they are separated from now, so kalyani is remarrying another person. They inquire as to why? Aao Saheb pardons herself. Mamta comes and requests that neighbors come to Kalyani’s wedding tomorrow and her bidaai. Kalyani asks what’s going on with she? Mamta says she is doing as told by Aahir and he even requested that she dance in the capacity now. Kalyani asks will you dance now?

My Heart Knows Monday 18th April 2022 Zee World: Kalyani inquires as to whether there is any improvement. Sarthak says he has kept CCTV camera in his room and says till now no one came to take the papers. Asawari attempts to hear them. Kalyani says don’t have any idea who is helping Aahir. Mamta comes there, wearing a maharastrian saree and says she wishes she would have been joyfully moving. Anupriya comes wearing same saree and says even she will move for Kalyani’s satisfaction.

Precap: Anupriya and Mamta are moving. Mamta’s phony hand gets pulled out and comes in Anupriya’s grasp. Everybody gets stunned.


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