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My Heart Knows Monday 6th December 2021:The episode starts with Kalyani the thought of AAI will with him and his belief will have increased automatically. Anupriya came there. Aparna scolds Kalyani for a small problem and then scolds the neighbors not to correct Kalyani. He asked him to bring Varvatta to the place and stay there. Anupriya thought it was very heavy, how he would take it.

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Kalyani can’t take it. Aparna his ridicule. Kalyani took it with a lot of trouble. He steps on Thali Prasad and Varvatta fell from his hand. Malhar arrested it and was angry with him. Kalyani said sorry. Malhar said you will be notified if you can’t take it. He asked for the beginning of bad Naamkaran and said something was wrong to happen to my child, and all the bad things ended with his biological mother. Sampada feels bad. Atharv.

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Ask him to have Vada Pav. He said that they would be caught because of Kalyani. Sampada said that he lost his baby. Atharv said let’s go and steal a baby, then caught. Sampada apologizes to him. Atharv made Mangalsutra stolen and said it was needed to get a place for them to stay. Sampada asked how he could make him wear someone else’s mangalsutra. Anupriya thought what was possible for Aao Saheb’s plan. Aparna shows Thaali for Kalyani to say something to her.

Kalyani said that things on the wrong plate were placed and said she got info from the internet. Anupriya gets happy and thinks I will have to find out about Aao Saheb and Pallavi’s plans to use the internet. Aparna said OK and said let’s stay a baby in a cradle.

Neighbors ask Kalyani where is the singer? Malhar scolded Kalyani. He said that he was called the singer. Malhar asked him to call him, but the number was turned off. Aparna said the singer needed for this rasam and said how it would finish now. Malhar said it was my mistake to trust you. Anupriya thought Aao Saheb and Pallavi wanted to damage the function of this method. He steps infront of them and says that he can sing for babies. Aparna asks you to know Marathi songs? Anupriya said yes. Malhar asked him to sing. Anupriya sang Marathi songs.

My Heart Knows Monday 6th December 2021:Kalyani and Aparna performed rituals. Malhar took the baby in his arms. Kalyani took a baby from her hand and made her in a cradle. Anupriya is about to leave, but Kalyani stops her and asks her to bless the baby Anupriya alternating towards Kalyani. Malhar asked him to bless the baby. Anupriya bent and blessed the baby happy. He thought what you thought was that I would not recognize you. Anupriya thought it was good that I came here and failed Aao Saheb and Pallavi’s plan.

The neighbors asked Malhar to swing the cradle. Aparna said it was not needed. Malhar and Kalyani swing cradle. Anupriya thinks they get close to their wishes. Malhar said that he would name a baby. Neighbors say aayi baby will name him. Malhar said we needed to set the time to think and ask Kalyani to come. They went to the room.

My Heart Knows Monday 6th December 2021:He asked him to tell the same name he had chosen. He said my baby’s name would Moksha Malhar Rane. Kalyani said what is this name? Malhar said this was freedom. Kalyani said she was ridiculed in school and said we would name a baby as Siddharth, and said the name Gautam Buddha was Siddharth. He said he would get smart like Siddharth. Malhar looked angry. Kalyani said Moksha was the best. They came out. Malhar is to whisper in her ear baby’s name, when Pallavi came and stopped Malhar. She took the baby in his hands and told me the baby Aatya. Aao Saheb smiled.

Pallavi says Malhar that Athar……………….stay funded for this update 7th December on world.Also Click Here For Teasers on Zee World:  I do December 2021 Teasers Zee World


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