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My heart Knows Monday 8 November 2021:The episode began with Aparna shouting at Kalyani for the drama she did today and asked Malhar why she helped her and said you would warn Atharv without helping her. Kalyani said you had made anupriya death certificate and proved his death and that was why I did this drama to prove that he was still alive, the score settled.

Aparna was angry and told Malhar that he would repent for helping them, and told Anupriya that he would fall severe one day.

Kalyani pulled the floor mat and made Aparna fall on the floor. Aparna shouted. Kalyani said you threatened someone and fell alone, was not expected. He saw Atharv go and thought he might meet his girlfriend’s friend. Atharv comes from behind and holds his head. He asked him not to follow him, the consequences wouldn’t be good. Kalyani.

kick it and say I’m not afraid of your threat. Anupriya came there. Atharv told Kalyani that she did not know how dangerous she was. He holds his mouth. Anupriya came there. Atharv acted and asked Kalyani to when he would apologize to him. Kalyani asked Anupriya to believe it and said she lied.

My heart Knows Monday 8 November 2021:Anupriya took Kalyani to the room. Kalyani asked her to trust her and said Atharv tried to hurt me. Anupriya said I knew and said Atharv came to meet me after you left. FB is displayed, Atharv comes to meet Anupriya and apologize to him, saying he doesn’t want to raise his hand in Kalyani but. Anupriya asked him to swear to him that Kalyani lied. Atharv says why I will lie and leave.

Anupriya realized that Atharv lied. FB ends. Anupriya told Kalyani that she knew Atharv since many years and she couldn’t lie to me. He showed the ticket he found in his clothes while laughing it. Kalyani checked tickets and one from Atharv and the others might be her boyfriend whose name was destroyed. He thank you and the arms of Anupriya. Anupriya left.

Kalyani told Sampada that they had to find the name of the agency. Sampada said he had to go to Mumbai when his mausi called him. He said if you want Malhar can help you. Kalyani said she would expose Atharv himself. Malhar came there and asked if Atharv bothered you.

Kalyani said no. Malhar asked if you want to marry Atharv even now. Kalyani said yes. Malhar said OK. He held Sampada’s hand and asked him not to go to his maid.

Sampada asked him to be embarrassing and said you were here. Malhari said he was not an outsider and asked Sampada to call him every day. Kalyani took Sampada and a photo of Malhar and said she would show her niece or nephew. Malhar said your ticket was ready and save it on the table. Kalyani likes to see tickets have the same logo and get the number. Sampada said I had an idea to get info about Atharv’s birthday. Kalyani said she had an idea. He then asked Rao Saheb’s permission to celebrate his 18th birthday. He then asked Anupriya to let him celebrate.

Rao Saheb said you did not need his permission and said we would celebrate it. Kalyani became happy. Aao Saheb said he would go to celebrate the festival. Anupriya said we could not leave Kalyani alone at home.

Aao Saheb calls Kalyani. Kalyani asks why are you angry? Aao Sahev gave him something and asked Kalyani to drink. Kalyani refused to drink, the bottle fell. Anupriya asked Aao Saheb what he was trying to do.

My heart Knows Monday 8 November 2021:Aao Saheb said I did this to make you understand that Kalyani wasn’t the children you had protected and said when she was 18 years old, you won’t be right to her. He said Kalyani had AFFA

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