My Heart Knows On Wednesday 29th December 2021 Zee World Update

Mismatched Update Saturday 29th January 2022
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My Heart Knows On Wednesday 29th December 2021:The Episode begins with Anokhi crying and considering Shaurya. Shaurya keeps in touch with her name on the dirt. She composes his name on the book. She figures he should contact his family. Naina… plays… they cry. Its morning, Anokhi gives meds to Babli. She requests that she feel solid and bold. She says we will go advertisement eat. Babli says no, Vineet might see us. Anokhi says so what, I will see him. Babli asks how might I go out with these imprints. Anokhi says try not to be embarrassed, yet be solid, come, we will proceed to eat. Shaurya’s family is stressed for him.

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Tej asks Devi not to stress. Devi says its too dangerous, its with regards to Shaurya’s wellbeing. He holds her. He requests that Alok show the telephones to them. Aastha converses with her father. She says Shaurya is fine, you have your medications.

Gayatri consoles Devi. Devi says I simply need Shaurya back. Anokhi says I was missing Rama, so I requested parathas. She takes care of it to Babli. Kanchan comes and asks is everything fine. Anokhi requests that she accompany her. Kanchan sees Babli hurt. She asks Anokhi did Vineet do this. Anokhi says don’t feel regretful. Kanchan inquires as to for what reason doesn’t Babli record a police protest. Anokhi says she needs boldness, I m attempting to clarify something similar, she should leave her significant other. Kanchan says without a doubt, I comprehend her circumstance, young ladies are instructed to change consistently, its a transgression to break marriage, family regard is pixie than our lives, would i be able to converse with her once, trust me, I won’t utter a word that expands her dread. Devi requests that Tej reply. Shaan says somebody is calling from school.

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My Heart Knows On Wednesday 29th December 2021:Anokhi inquires as to for what reason are you remaining in this house, your family is residing in Saberwal manor. Kanchan says some of the time you need to stand firm for yourself, when its with regards to your bliss, regard and personality. Babli looks on. Kanchan says Yash loves me a great deal, yet he doesn’t comprehend that I m Kanchan prior to being a bahu and spouse, I have my own personality, thinking and wishes, assuming I kill that, then, at that point, what will be alive in me, assuming I don’t remain glad then, at that point, how is it that I could keep others cheerful, you need to battle for your privileges. Yash comes and asks did you request breakfast. Kanchan says I was going at this point. They leave. Yash asks how does Anokhi has any idea that man, I have seen Anokhi and that young lady’s pic in his telephone. Kanchan says that young lady is his sister, and Vineet is his Jiju, leave it, we will go out on the town to shop.

My Heart Knows On Wednesday 29th December 2021:Anokhi requests that Babli have an independent perspective. Vineet says I will get the cash. He thinks to call Saberwals. He sees Anokhi and Babli. He becomes furious and goes to them. Anokhi asks him not to make any dramatization. He yells on them. He reprimands Babli. He says Babli is my better half, I have the privileges on her, you don’t come in the middle. He hauls her. Anokhi runs and stops him. She says leave her. He says it will be her misfortune, society don’t acknowledge such deserted young ladies, your folks will kick the bucket assuming they realize that I left her, I will kill you assuming you separate us. Anokhi tosses ketchup in his eyes. She takes Babli and runs. Devi says I told you not to tell the police, blackmailer isn’t calling, I feel terrified, assuming that anything happens to Shaurya. Shagun says don’t think so. Tej says its a payment call, it will come. Devi says you don’t have the foggiest idea about a mother’s aggravation, ask Aastha and Gayatri. Shaan says OK, you called the police here. Tej says stop it, don’t address me, I have my involvement with life. Vineet stops Anokhi and says leave Babli. He goes to slap Babli. Anokhi stops him. She slaps him. He becomes irate.

Anokhi gets Shaurya’s watch. Vineet says we planned to end the arrangement, where is Shaurya. Anokhi comes there and hears Vineet’s discussion with his associate. She asks did you abduct Shaurya. She goes to Saberwals and says I realize who is the criminal.


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