My Heart knows On Zee World, January 2022 Teasers

My Heart Knows Thursday 14th April 2022 Zee World
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My Heart Knows January 2022 Teasers:Kalyani starts her quest for a husband to be for Anupriya.

Monday third January 2022

Kalyani and Aau Saheb visit the sanctuary while Atharv begins acting mischievously once more. Godavari and Malhar set up a snare for Rahul. The explanation that constrained Malhar to sign the admission gets uncovered. Anupriya, who was following the Godavari, witnesses everything and is stunned to track down reality

Tuesday fourth January 2022
Acting like intrigued customers, Kalyani and Anupriya are really busy executing their arrangement when Sampada shows up at Sneha’s home. Sneha abuses Anupriya and binds her to the seat. Further, she overwhelms Kalyani as well however Anupriya figures out how to send the video to the magistrate. In the mean time, Malhar’s suspension request comes in and he is deprived of his identifications and weapon.

Wednesday fifth January 2022

Sampada pronounces that she will hold a ‘Haldi Kumkum’ function to build up her status as Atharv’s better half. Aausaheb is glad to hear Anupriya’s arrangement to sell sarees at the reasonable. Aparna lets Anupriya know that she is misfortune and doesn’t allow her to go into the house with the sweetmeats. Kalyani replaces the turmeric powder with the entire turmeric.

Thursday sixth January 2022
Anupriya rebuffs herself for slapping Kalyani. Atharv blames Aau Saheb for taking his cash. She informs him regarding her new business system with Anupriya that will get her fortune.

Friday seventh January 2022

Aau Saheb acclaims Kalyani and gets really focusing on her and Anupriya, however Pallavi has an envious outlook on it. Atharv sorts out for a snare for Kalyani with the assistance of the young men who organized the Mistletoe tree game. One of the young men is going to kiss Kalyani while Malhar is coming to.

Monday tenth January 2022
Anupriya secures herself her room. Anupriya chooses to find an extraordinary way to save the family from shame. She requests that Kalyani stay solid even with affliction and not lose trust.
Tuesday eleventh January 2022
Kalyani implores god to help her in her mysterious arrangement of observing a soul mate for Anupriya. Malhar misconstrues Kalyani when he sees the profiles open on her PC. Afterward, an apprehensive Anupriya’s bike slams into a vehicle.
Wednesday twelfth January 2022
Malhar illuminates Kalyani that he will assist her with tracking down an appropriate man of the hour for Anupriya A series of happenstances prompts the revelation that Atharv blends liquor in the sugarcane juice fabricated by his organization, and Malhar strikes his industrial facility.

Thursday thirteenth January 2022
Malhar comes to be familiar with Atharv’s whereabouts which leave Sampada stunned. Afterward, Kalyani gives Anupriya a makeover and as educated, the photographic artist subtly clicks her photos however gets found out by Sarthak.

Friday fourteenth January 2022
Anupriya neglects to caution Kalyani on schedule and Keshav effectively shocks her. Atharv and Sampada affront Aau Saheb by requesting that she deal with Atharv like a divine being and proposition supplications to him for the cash. Notwithstanding, Kalyani shows him something new and moves him to orchestrate the cash needed to finish the request without help from anyone else. Afterward, Anupriya foils another of Keshav’s endeavors at Kalyani’s life.

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