My Heart Knows On Zee World Monday 14th March 2022 update

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My Heart Knows On Zee World Monday 14th March 2022 : The Episode begins with Malhar carrying Swara to meet the husband to be’s loved ones. Madhav tells that he realizes that her girl is difficult, yet will come. Swara thinks on the off chance that I haven’t come then you could have fix my marriage with him. Madhav acquaints her with the lucky man and their loved ones. He says Rohan is the specialist and asks where could he be? Rohan comes to the storeroom and tells that he has brought shorts and shirt for Swara, however your ragged it. He says it is great that you read the chit kept in the shorts and you came here. He sees Atharv and gets stunned. Kalyani emerges in the wake of recording his video. Everybody comes there.

Kalyani says she will uncover him. Rohan says this young lady has ended up being frantic? Kalyani shows the video to everybody. She says botch was never of Swara, this man had kept garments in her room. Malhar comes there. Kalyani pushes him out and lets Malhar know that she was dubious when he warmly greeted her and she felt something isn’t right. She says she found similar logo on his sherwani, which was on the shorts.

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She says it was composed on the chit that he can hardly wait for when she comes to meet him wearing shorts and they can have wedding night regardless of whether marriage occur or not. Malhar slaps Rohan and requests that his folks take him from that point. He says baba welcomed you individuals else you would have been in prison. Asawari says even I need to say something and tells that she had stepped on Kalyani’s saree accidentally and apologizes. Kalyani says its alright. Madhav apologizes to Kalyani.

Kalyani comes to Anupriya and tells that she has saved her inlaws regard. She inquires as to whether you are looking through receipt still and says Aao Saheb probably neglected. Anupriya says no. She says she is certain that something occurred on 26th July. Kalyani requests that he ask vivek.

Madhav tells that he needs Swara to get hitched soon and that is the reason he called these individuals. He says he have zero faith in her and she can inform Malhar regarding 26th july. Asawari says until when we will get her far from her. Madhav yells at her requesting that she get her far from Malhar. Sarthak says Swara have no faith in Malhar, so won’t tell, however till when?

My Heart Knows On Zee World Monday 14th March 2022 : Pallavi gives a receipts to Anupriya and she tracks down the tape in it. They go to hear it. Swara comes and keeps receipt in the receipts. Malhar is sitting while Kalyani is going. He says thank you Kalyani for anything you have done. Kalyani is shocked and cheerful. He remains on the table and says much obliged. Kalyani couldn’t deal with the bliss and grins. He says thank you Kalyani and twists down on his knees. She is especially blissful. All at once Malhar asks her what she is checking there out? Kalyani thinks it is her creative mind and says nothing.

Malhar expresses gratitude toward her for keeping his regard infront of guardians and says he is fortunate to have such a spouse in his life. Kalyani says I will cry and gets cheerful. Swara hears them. Malhar sees her and embraces Kalyani. Kalyani says you are truly acting sweet and not in creative mind.

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She asks are you okay and says she will take him for check up, says going for Atharv’s examination. Malhar says I am okay and tells that he did this as Swara was remaining there. He says Swara lost trust on marriage, we need to set our model and alter her perspective. He says I want you and asks will you help me. Kalyani inquires as to whether this is what to ask and says she will uphold him in anything that he does, which brings him joy. She holds his hand. He pulls her nearer and grins. Melody plays… ..

My Heart Knows On Zee World Monday 14th March 2022 : He says thank you which I told you was genuine and says much obliged. She grins joyfully and asks will we take a walk. Malhar asks did we go previously? Kalyani says Swara will feel that our connection is so awesome. He says you are extremely understanding. She says she is. He inquires as to whether we are doing this for Swara or ourselves too. He grins.

Precap: Pawar informs Malhar concerning the hinderance in the pool leeway. Later he comes to be familiar with the vehicle found in the water. Asawari, Madhav and Sarthak get strained.


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