My Heart Knows On Zee World Monday 21st March 2022 update

My Heart Knows Sunday 10th April 2022 Zee World
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My Heart Knows On Zee World Monday 21st March 2022 : The Episode begins with Kalyani moving on the Lavani melody infront of Malhar and Moksh in their room. Swara comes there and takes weighty breaths acting insane. Malhar asks what befallen you, why you are taking weighty relaxing. Swara pushes Malhar and strolls close to Kalyani. Kalyani says I wore these ghungroos deliberately with the goal that you come here.

She asks what is in this ghungroo. Swara pushes malhar againj when he attempts to stop her. Swara holds the container and attempts to hit Kalyani, however stops. Malhar requests that she quiet down and asks what was the deal? He requests that she tell. Swara cries and takes a gander at kalyani. She contacts her face and says you came after numerous days, didn’t you recall me. Swara swoons. Malhar checks her heartbeat and calls specialist. Specialist comes and really takes a look at her.

He lets him know that she will acquire awareness in at some point and got fit of anxiety, it happens when somebody gets some injury. He says it is intense transformation responses. Malhar gets some information about the breathing issue. Specialist tells that it occurs during fit of anxiety and tells that they need to actually take a look at her for Asthma. Malhar says he isn’t having Asthma.

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Kaluani requests that Doctor check her and says she will proceed to look in her room assuming she has Asthma. She checks in her cabinet and finds kamarpatta and Lavani dance CDS. She thinks it is available with the Lavani artist. She then, at that point, remembers to look through the Asthma siphon. It makes perfect sense to her. Malhar says she was not having Asthma in adolescence. Specialist says we need to figure out why she motivated it and requests that he bring the drugs which he composed.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Monday 21st March 2022 : Kalyani sits next to Swara and asks everything that she was saying. Madhav, Asawari and Aahir return home. Malhar asks them for what valid reason they didn’t tell that Swara has Asthma issue. Madhav asks what befallen her. Asawari says we concealed this reality from her with the goal that her union occurs. Kalyani comes wearing ghungroo and asks Asawari for what good reason Swara became crazy and focused.

Malhar tells that Kalyani likes moving and was moving in her room when Swara came irately as though her blood is bubbling up and her breath was weighty. Madhav yells taking a gander at Kalyani and says I told you not to wear ghungroo. He asks how challenge you to wear it when I asked you not to wear and chides her for not consenting to his truisms. He faults her for Swara’s condition.

Malhar asks what are you talking about? Madhav says there should be a purpose for it and afterward chides Anupriya for giving her girl such qualities. Kalyani says I was wearing ghungroo in my room and moving. Madhav yells at her. Asawari says Kalyani didn’t do deliberately. Madhav requests that she take a brief trip and see Swara.

Malhar inquires as to whether baba asked her not to wear ghungroo. Kalyani cries and says I didn’t realize that Swara’s condition will deteriorate as a result of me. Malhar says for what reason did you wear you when baba asked you not to wear it. He says you are as yet wearing it. He takes it out and goes out. Kalyani goes behind him. Madhav is irate. Kalyani advises Malhar that she would have rather not do that.

Malhar says you have silliness, yet here and there you can act maturely. He requests that she comprehend him and says he needs his family to adore her more than they love him. Kalyani says I realize that I did a slip-up. Malhar keeps finger all the rage and requests that she redress her mix-up. He says on the off chance that my Aai and baba aren’t content with you or would rather avoid you then I will be harmed. He says you and my family are both vital to me. He says I would rather not converse with you in this tone and discards the ghungroo and leaves. Kalyani says sorry and cries. Anupriya comes there. Kalyani embraces her.

Kalyani lets Anupriya know that she didn’t do it deliberately and inquires as to why I will drive Madhav ji crazy. Anupriya says I know you, however they didn’t have any acquaintance with you. She says each young lady needs to change for her sasural. Kalyani says you need to hear scoldings as a result of me. Anupriya says its alright. Kalyani chuckles and inquires as to why Swara got the fit of anxiety hearing the ghungroo sound and determines what she said.

Sarthak asks Madhav for what good reason did he tell Malhar that Swara’s condition deteriorated due to the ghungroo sound and tells that assuming they find out. Madhav inquires as to for what reason did bahu wear ghungroo conflicting with my idioms. Asawari says in the event that they come to be familiar with this, they will be aware of 26 july occurrence. Sarthak says in the event that Swara tells truth to Malhar.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Monday 21st March 2022: Kalyani is taking nourishment for Swara. Madhav asks her. Kalyani says she is taking nourishment for Swara. Madhav yells calling Asawari and inquires as to why bahu is taking nourishment for Swara. He says you won’t go to Swara’s room. Kalyani says I won’t converse with her about it. Madhav inquires as to whether his significant other won’t pay attention to him. Kalyani says I won’t go. Madhav says no one will ask what befell her. Asawari asks Kalyani not to stress and says I will make him comprehend. Kalyani expresses gratitude toward her. Anupriya thinks thank god, saas is tolerating Kalyani. Aao Saheb comes calling Malhar.

Precap: Pawar lets Malhar know that technician can’t open the vehicle decky. Malhar requests that he get the decky lock broken. Everybody gets strained hearing this. Aahir enlightens them that Malhar will know concerning that evening mysterious. Malhar hears and gets stunned.


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