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My Heart Knows On Zee World Monday 6th June 2022 update: The Episode begins with Anupriya requesting that Aao Saheb eat and says you need to take tablets too. Aao Saheb sees Kalyani coming there and asks her to avoid this once more. She says on the off chance that my Godaveri had gone to prison as a result of you… Anupriya gives her tea and is going. Kalyani stops Anupriya.

Anupriya tells that she didn’t lie. Kalyani says I can comprehend that a mother can do anything as Godavari resembles your girl. She says I got the expectation that my child is alive and tells that she can grasp her doings. Aao Saheb tells that Anupriya didn’t let us know that she constrained Godavari to do this. Kalyani tells that she needs to show her IAS endorsement and tells that it was lost in moving so she got copy testament. She tells that she goes by Kalyani Anupriya Deshmukh on the authentication and tells that she generally needed to be known by her name. She gives the credit of her prosperity to her and embraces her. Anupriya is going to embrace her and checks Aao Saheb and Pallavi out. Kalyani tells that she is going to office and asks her not to hold back to have food.

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Vikram gets some information about Kalyani who is catching her significant other. He says I some way or another saved my better half. Avni requests that he stop him. Vikram tells that he knows such ladies, whose thirst don’t end with one man. Malhar comes there and requests that he say it once more assuming he has fortitude. He takes the table to hit him, however Avni saves him. Vikram shows the photograph to Malhar and tells that such things don’t stow away for a long time.

Malhar requests that he get up. Avni inquires as to why you didn’t let me know that you know her from previously and take care of business for her. She says even she didn’t tell me. Malhar says OK, I conceal it and told that he asked Kalyani not to tell her anything in this condition. He tells that he is dealing with her own security and is downgraded and embarrassed to be Sub Inspector. He expresses how to let you know that I am monitor now and tells that he didn’t tell her as she would feel awful that her better half show respect to Kalyani. He tells that Kalyani rejected for Vikram’s collusion. He tells that she will be grateful to Kalyani, as she just brought her mom and saved her and her child. He tells that he has no connection with Kalyani, she is just his chief. He figures he can’t inform her regarding his past with her

My Heart Knows On Zee World Monday 6th June 2022 update:. Avni requests that Vikram leave else he can’t go on his foot. Malhar requests that Avni proceed to rest and emerges. He emerges and asks Vikram, everything you was saying about Kalyani. Avni additionally emerges and hears them. Vikram requests that he leave him. Malhar beats him and says you needs to take seven births to know Kalyani and gets some information about her. Avni thinks why Malhar is commending Kalyani as though he knows her since numerous years. Malhar beats Vikram.

Later Kalyani calls Malhar to her lodge and gives his re-arrangement letter, says you can come to work tomorrow. Malhar gets Pawar’s call. He requests that Pawar search compounder from his local spot. He closes the call and tells Kalyani that Compounder is absent from clinic and I have seen Trilok’s bills, they all have Aao Saheb’s name. He says when Pawar went to clinic, he came to realize that Compounder withdrew and went. He tells that he will bring that compounder back from pataal.

He gets hyper and stirred up. He asks what was the need to help my child’s killer. Kalyani gets stressed seeing his condition and requests that he have medication and water. She calls him Malhar ji. Malhar takes the tablets and unwinds. He asks what did you let me know quite recently. Kalyani says Malhar ji and gets close to home. He says I will look through verifications against your Aao Saheb then you will have no choice than to trust me. He goes. Kalyani thinks why Malhar ji is questioning Aao Saheb so much, why she was taking care of Trilok’s bills.

Swara brings the photograph edge of Kalyani’s endorsement. Anupriya says thanks to her. Swara says you love her such a lot of why don’t you express it. Anupriya says she is vulnerable and tells that she believes Kalyani should disappear from here, me and Malhar. She figures how to let her visit under my appearance as Guru ji told that I am foreboding, Kalyani could not have possibly shot, my little girl wouldn’t have passed on and Sarthak could not have possibly left her.

Aao Saheb comes there and tells that Vikram came there, tells that Malhar has beaten him to such an extent. Anupriya and Swara are stunned. Aao Saheb requests that she make nourishment for Vikram. She sees Certificate and takes it from Anupriya. Vikram tells Aao Saheb that Malhar halted his vehicle, took him out and beaten him. Aao Saheb asks him not to converse with Malhar once more. Pallavi additionally tells that Malhar is insane. Anupriya brings tea. She lets Vikram know that she will bring haldi lep for him. Vikram says saucer is awful. He says I will utilize this and takes the endorsement outline as plate.

Anupriya is stunned. Vikram tells that Kalyani will lose her employment very soon as she didn’t do right by dropping my delicate. He says this will be utilized as plate. Anupriya says you are offending my little girl and takes the testament outline. He gets up and the tea tumbles down on his suit. Vikram asks everything I will say to my mom now, that young lady’s family had tossed tea on me.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Monday 6th June 2022 update: Kalyani comes there. Vikram grumbles to Kalyani about Anupriya. Kalyani lets Anupriya know that she ought to have taken care and requests that Vikram give his coat for washing. Vikram says she isn’t having habits in office. He takes out his coat and provides for Kalyani. Kalyani wipes the edge with his coat. He asks what is this misconduct? Kalyani requests that he keep his tone low as this is her home. That’s what vikram tells on the off chance that this young lady stays here, I don’t believe that I will wed here. He leaves. Aao Saheb asks Kalyani, how she is acting with Vikram? Kalyani tells that she has enquired about Vikram and he has played with numerous young ladies and she won’t let Godaveri’s life destroyed. She says I will converse with her and goes.


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