My Heart Knows On Zee World Saturday 12th March 2022 update

My Heart Knows Sunday 10th April 2022 Zee World
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My Heart Knows On Zee World Saturday 12th March 2022: The Episode begins with Kalyani seeing the adornment destroyed and asks who did this? She cries and says she had really buckled down and everything is destroyed. She sits holding her head. Anupriya comes there and keeps hand on her shoulder. Kalyani tells that all her hardwork is squandered. Anupriya says we have time still and says on the off chance that Madhav and SB see, they will be disheartened with me. Anupriya says we will clear this wreck before anybody awakens. Madhav and Asawari talk about the game plans.

Madhav says on the off chance that swara opens her mouth, all that will be destroyed. Asawari says nothing will occur. Kalyani and Anupriya rehash the enrichment. Asawari acclaims Kalyani. Madhav says on the off chance that he could scan a young lady for him, might be he could observe young lady like her. kalyani grins checking Malhar out. Madhav requests that Asawari and Aahil prepare for puja. Swara returns to corridor and see the enrichment fine. She is astonished. Kalyani says you have demolished my enrichment.

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Swara says OK and says would you like to whine? Kalyani embraces and says thanks to her. She says she has the propensity for enrichment since morning. Swara requests that she quit acting, says I will perceive the way this puja happens her and how the husband to be family come here. Kalyani tells her that her bliss lies in Malhar’s joy and says she won’t allow his head to twist infront of anybody. Swara requests that she avoid Rane’s men. Kalyani says thanks to her for the guidance.

Malhar converses with Moksh. Kalyani comes there and figures he will see the value in her. Malhar thinks don’t have the foggiest idea what amount of time she will require to prepare. Kalyani says thank you and says I have perceived. Malhar asks what? Kalyani says it isn’t required. Malhar asks what? Kalyani requests that he do, inquires as to whether she will call another person. Malhar asks are you settled on to decision somebody to put on something else. Kalyani says she was looking at supplementing him. Malhar requests that Moksh say her bye. Moksh waves his hand. Kalyani says I would rather not converse with you. she says thanks to Malhar for making modak. Malhar says I don’t take care of business for evaluation and thank. Malhar emerges with Moksh.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Saturday 12th March 2022: Swara glimpses inside their entryway. Aahir comes to Madhav. Malhar requests that he inquire as to whether he really wants anything. Aahir tells that he wants cash to watch a film. Malhar says we will go to observe together, just Swara, you and me. Aahir says great. Kalyani comes and appeals to Ganapati for Malhar’s joy. Asawari gets some information about Kalyani’s loved ones. Malhar says Kalyani’s dad passed on as of late and that is the reason they would rather not do puja. Aao Saheb prevents Anupriya from going out.

Anupriya goes to God and says let no slip-up occur with Kalyani. Swara comes to Kalyani’s room and remembers to change modak with eggs. She says it will be entertaining. Madhav does the aarti. Asawari requests that Kalyani bring the modaks. Kalyani is coming to her room. Swara keeps the eggs on Modak’s place. She stows away before Kalyani could see her. kalyani comes inside and takes the case. She figures they will feel that I made it.


Kalyani comes out and opens the container. Swara comes out and joyfully hangs tight for her. She expresses out loud whatever will occur on the off chance that eggs emerge rather than Modak, Baap ji’s better half won’t let husband to be’s family to come. Kalyani takes out the modak from the crate stunning Swara and keeps the modak down close to the God. She checks Swara and grins out.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Saturday 12th March 2022: Malhar and Kalyani do the puja together holding the aarti plate. Asawari asks Swara for what valid reason she didn’t as yet prepare and says the man of the hour’s family should be on the way now. Madhav requests that she prepare. Kalyani requests that Swara prepare and takes her with her. She asks what you are thinking, how did Modak come in the crate. She says I will cause you to comprehend and says I came out holding the eggs box, however at that point out of nowhere I see you and egg shell on the case and comprehended. She says she had kept modak currently in another crate and took it.

Precap: Kalyani wears Swara shorts to prevent her from wearing it. Everybody see shorts inside her saree and gets stunned.


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