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My Heart Knows On Zee World Sunday 5th June 2022 update: The Episode begins with Malhar charging Aao Saheb for covering Trilok’s doctor’s visit expenses since numerous years. Aao Saheb asks how challenge you to charge me, why I will cover bills for my terrific girl’s child’s killer. Kalyani asks Malhar what is he talking about? Malhar shows the record. Kalyani checks it and says Ahilya Deshmukh is written in it. She tells that this may be Trilok’s man who is utilizing Aao Saheb’s name. Aao Saheb says OK. Malhar says you are lying. Aao Saheb acts to get frightened. Anupriya inquires as to why Aao Saheb will cover the bills. Malhar says on the off chance that I demonstrate, what? He asks where is your passbook and goes to check in Aao Saheb’s room. They all ran behind him. Aao Saheb tells that she has got him suspended and will send him to imprison.

Malhar requests that Pawar check. He additionally looks at in her room. Kalyani tells that Aao Saheb doesn’t have anything to do with Trilok, requests that Malhar quiet down, tells that Moksh is alive and they will look through him. Malhar says your Aaji is supporting Trilok and you are requesting that I unwind. Pallavi requests that he leave and asks how challenge you to come here. Malhar requests that she move else he will capture her. Pallavi says you look for an opportunity to come here and says how this man is, left his better half and came here. She calls him modest man. Malhar says I know everybody of you, first you have utilized my sister and presently utilizing your own girl. Pallavi lashes out and pushes Kalyani. Kalyani falls on the cabinet and no stopping board tumbles down on the ground from the pantry. Pawar actually takes a look at it and shows to Kalyani. He tells that this is a similar board which was hanged where Godaveri’s vehicle was left. He says that is the reason Malhar cut the challan. Kalyani says this board was not there as Godaveri… .

Aao Saheb acts and asks how this board came to my room. Kalyani settles on a decision and requests that official drop Malhar’s suspension and makes re-arrangement letter quick. Aao Saheb asks her not to be thoughtful towards him and says he could have kept this board on sakarpura day. Malhar says perceive how I will bring you all to prison for supporting Trilok. Pallavi attempts to take Godaveri from that point. Kalyani stops her and requests that she apologize to Malhar first and afterward go live via web-based entertainment and tell that anything she had posted was clearly false.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Sunday 5th June 2022 update: Godaveri says never and tells that I won’t ever apologize to my sibling’s killer. Kalyani attempts to persuade her, yet Godaveri pushes her down. Kalyani endures injury on her consume wounds. Malhar asks how dare you, I can capture you for lifting hand on a govt official. Godaveri goes from that point and locks her room. Malhar lets Aao Saheb know that she has made everybody like her and tells that he will get all data from bank and clinic. He says for the time being, he will show a thing or two to Godaveri. Kalyani requests that Malhar stop. Malhar thumps on Godaveri’s room. He says my name is demolished as a result of you, my standing was defamed and I was suspended. He says I bear it, however today you have lifted hand on Kalyani. He requests that she emerge. Pallavi requests that she go else she will slap him. Malhar requests that she slap her and tells that in the event that you had lifted your hand with perfect timing, this wouldn’t have occur.

Kalyani emerges and attempts to move up the gallery. Malhar asks what was the need to become shaktimaan. Kalyani requests that he assist her with getting up. She says she has dropped his suspension, yet she wants to give Godaveri’s admission to Commissioner, that is the reason needs to head inside. Malhar says you don’t have to argue infront of her, says she realize that you was in emergency clinic 2 days back. Kalyani says its alright, I am fine. Malhar says on the off chance that something had occurred, me… He says it is my obligation to deal with you as my suspension is dropped. Kalyani says now I can provide you request and requests that he assist her with getting up. He says however. She says it is a request… … He plunks down, requests that she get on his back and get inside without utilizing her harmed hands. She scales. He gives her shoes. Kalyani gets inside Godaveri’s room.

Avni asks Vikram what is he doing in her new house. That’s what vikram tells assuming supervisor gets new quarters for your better half, it says all. Avni says I called you inside as you needed to hydrate. She requests that he leave. Vikram says alright and tells that he would rather remain silent, yet need to show her something. He shows the pics in which Kalyani and Malhar are in the vehicle. He tells that time they were in lodge and left from other entryway. Avni tells that Kalyani is DM and Malhar is a Police official. She believes assuming they are concealing something from her.

Kalyani asks Godaveri for what valid reason she is obstinate? Godaveri tells that she would rather not give any assertion. Anupriya comes inside and tells that anything Godaveri has done, is on my platitudes. Kalyani asks what you need to say? Anupriya tells that she will acknowledge her wrongdoing infront of Malhar, Godaveri is blameless. She emerges. Pallavi asks Godaveri for what reason did you emerge? She requests that she come inside. Anupriya lets Malhar know that anything Godaveri has done, is on my expressions. She tells that she needed to get payback from him and requested that she make his video to over-indulge his picture, and furthermore to bring the board so Kalyani get no verifications against her. Kalyani inquires as to for what reason are you lying and tells that Godaveri is her sister, however she has fouled up. Pallavi says obviously Maayi had asked her. Kalyani says she is lying. Anupriya says I am not lying. A fb is shown, Aao Saheb tells Anupriya that Pallavi told Damini that Malhar is disturbing Godaveri and Damini has chosen to fire Malhar, yet assuming she gets Kalyani’s exchange to a town or something like that. She acts to fault Pallavi. Pallavi says I couldn’t care less in the event that Kalyani lose her employment or gets moved. Aao Saheb inquires as to whether she will assume up the fault on herself. fb closes.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Sunday 5th June 2022 update: Anupriya requests that Malhar capture her. Kalyani inquires as to why she needs to become perfect and lying that she did this to get payback. She says it is sure about your face. Anupriya gets out anything Godaveri had done is on my adages and tells that she has gotten payback from him. Malhar says I realize that you disdain me, however didn’t realize that you will stoop low. He lets Aao Saheb know that this is the impact of Aao Saheb and says it is great that my child isn’t raised infront of you. He says once I get evidences against you that you helped Trilok then see how I manage you.

Precap will be added later after the episode airs on TV.


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