My Heart Knows On Zee World Thursday 24th March 2022 update

My Heart Knows Sunday 10th April 2022 Zee World
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My Heart Knows On Zee World Thursday 24th March 2022 update: The Episode begins with Swara taking Vahini’s name. Madhav inquires as to why she is taking Kalyani’s name. Aahir says she needs to say that siphon is with Vahini. Malhar says why Kalyani will take it. Kalyani is with Anupriya. The specialist says he will come tomorrow. Aahir comes there and tells Kalyani that Swara was found in her room and had an asthma assault. Malhar comes and requests that Doctor accompany him. Aahir inquires as to whether she has Swara’s Pump as the last option is taking her name more than once.

Kalyani gets out whatever you are saying and says in the event that I had siphon why wouldn’t I have given her siphon to her. She gets up and the siphon tumbles down from her lap.

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Malhar takes a gander at her suspiciously. Aahir picks the siphon and asks what’s going on here? Kalyani takes a gander at the siphon and says it is of Swara, however I don’t know from where it came in my lap. She educates Malhar that she doesn’t have any idea. She says I didn’t realize that Swara was in our room and what occurred with her. Malahr takes siphon from her hand. Kalyani is stunned. She comes out. Madhav chides Kalyani for seeing tamasha and not giving a siphon to Swara.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Thursday 24th March 2022 update: Kalyani says I didn’t realize that Swara was in my room. Madhav says you pained her a great deal that she assaulted Anupriya ji. Aao Saheb inquires as to for what reason is he faulting Kalyani for his girl’s misstep. Madhav requests that she inquire as to whether she needed to kill Swara. Kalyani says she had no hostility with Swara and doesn’t realize that she was in her room. Asawari requests that Aahir take Malhar out. Kalyani reviews and says Swara probably carried her siphon with her when she assaulted Anupriya and that is the reason it came in her lap. Madhav says excellent, she is cooking stories, somebody will compensate her.

Aao Saheb says my granddaughter won’t inconvenience anybody. Malhar says you had said that you won’t leave Swara for assaulting Maai. Kalyani says I resented that time. Malhar says I had informed that Aai is fine and I will rebuff Swara. Kalyani tells that shed doesn’t realize that Swara was in her room and tells that she sat idle. Sarthak attempts to stop Malhar and says Kalyani can’t hurt Swara.

Malhar says now I am certain that both Swara and you can do anything in vengeance fire and asks what is the distinction among you and her now. He holds her hand firmly. Kalyani says enough, I won’t give any more explanation. She says you generally question me and I effectively defend myself. She says you never trust me and requests that he accompany his misconceptions. Malhar gets mournful eyes and asks what do you imagine that you are correct consistently. He requests that she go to her Aai and says I am going to my sister as she wants me. Kalyani says alright, my Aai needs me and says no one is essential to me than my Aai. Malhar requests that she go and says no one requirements you. Kalyani goes to Anupriya’s room while Malhar goes to Swara’s room.

Aao Saheb lets Kalyani know that today she has demonstrated that she is her blood and didn’t leave mayka even after the marriage. Kalyani attempts to go to Anupriya, however Aao Saheb stops her and tells uproariously that she is exceptionally cheerful today and will let every one of the locals know that ACP Rane’s sister is a lawbreaker.

Kalyani says you need to let the resident know that Swara is a criminal gladly, and requests that she tell them likewise that she takes annual duty cash. She tells her that she will save her from personal assessment and will settle the duty and document the profits. She says you need to guarantee me consequently that she won’t utter a word to townspeople about Swara or her inlaws. She says she doesn’t need her inlaws or Malhar’s nose to get cut infront of anybody. Malhar hears her.

Kalyani turns and checks Malhar out. Jo tum mujhe chodke jawoge plays… ..Malhar turns his face. Kalyani additionally turns her face and is angry with him. She comes to Anupriya and asks do you trust me? she says I can do nothing amiss with Swara or any other individual. She tells that even Malhar ji is against me and have no faith in me. She says I attempted to make him comprehend, however he is against me like others. She says assuming I am awful to such an extent that Malhar ji never confides in me. She holds Anupriya’s cries and cries. Anupriya is as yet oblivious.

Asawari comes there and says who said that you are awful and says you are my great bahu. She says Malhar blows up like Madhav and says when they blow up their brain quits working. She says I am a lady and believe you. She says let Malhar’s indignation quiet down, then, at that point, I will converse with him. She says perhaps Swara came here and left her siphon here. Kalyani embraces her and cries. She says thanks to her for the help.

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Sarthak tells Madhav that Swara is crossing the cutoff points and assaulting others. Asawari says might be Swara got stressed when she knows over skeleton wearing the Deshmukh saree and that is the reason she got insane. Sarthak says Swara can’t remain here any longer, I can’t take a chance with anybody’s lives here. Malhar hears him and asks where Swara will go? We can’t let her be. Sarthak says we can’t take a chance with anybody here and says we will send her to… Malhar asks will you send her to a psychological refuge and asks him not to say this once more. He says we need to deal with her, says she is my sister and I will deal with her.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Thursday 24th March 2022 update: Malhar is sitting at Swara’s bedside, while she is oblivious. He gets out whatever is annoying you a ton and vows to make everything fine. Swara says Kaka over and again. Malhar asks what kaka and requests that Kalyani see. He then, at that point, acknowledges she isn’t there, feels awful and cries.

Precap: Anupriya lets Kalyani know that the aggressor was wearing a bizarre ring in her finger. Kalyani gets her garments’ string and says she will look into the aggressor.


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