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My Heart Knows On Zee World Thursday 9th June 2022 update: The Episode begins with Avni coming to the room and sees Malhar standing infront of the dressing table. She asks what was the deal? Malhar tells that he met with a little mishap. She says she will apply the balm. Malhar thinks says thanks to Maayi, in the event that you had not come then? A fb is shown, Anupriya sees Malhar and Kalyani on the bed together and oblivious. She thinks this is Vikram’s stunt to censure Kalyani’s regard, figures Avni should come here. She attaches her saree fabric to her draining foot and figures nothing will happen to her girl until she is there. She figures she will stand like a safeguard before Kalyani. She keeps a few stones on the way so that Avni’s auto stops on the way. She comes inside the room through the window and attempts to make Kalyani and Malhar gain awareness. She sprinkles water on them. Kalyani acquires awareness and sees Malhar adjacent to him.

Malhar likewise gains cognizance and takes a gander at her shockingly. Anupriya requests that she get up from the bed quick. Kalyani asks why I am here? Anupriya lets them know that it is Vikram’s stunt to insult your regard and requests that she come, before Avni comes here. Kalyani is stunned and sees her draining foot. Anupriya says first we will leave from here. They leave. At home, Kalyani swathes Anupriya’s foot and says how could you realize that I am in harm’s way? She says you generally saves me, however I was unable to become a decent mother like you and couldn’t save my Billu. She asks from where does she get mental fortitude? She tells that Aao Saheb had informed me regarding rodents and its children. She says I was unable to become a decent mother like her.

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Malhar asks Avni not to come in the most natural sounding way for Vikram and don’t question Kalyani. He advises her that Vikram needs to pamper Kalyani’s picture. Avni says she has little to no faith in Vikram. Malhar tells that Gita Vahini is coming to deal with you. Avni says I can deal with myself. Malhar says Gita Vahini and Pawar are like family and requests that she call them later for lunch. He goes. Avni gets a call from Vikram and reproves him not to call her once more and tell no babble. She says on the off chance that you call me once more, I will call media and tell that material clergyman’s child is bothering me. Vikram thinks Anupriya saved them.

Kalyani lets Anupriya know that she won’t leave Vikram. Anupriya says he is so hazardous and asks Kalyani not to meddle with him. Kalyani makes her hydrate and actually takes a look at her. She says you are having fever and feeling cold. She embraces her. Anupriya requests that Kalyani avoid Malhar to work on something for her. She says Malhar is a hitched man and going to be father soon. She says today nothing occurred between you both, however in the event that Avni comes to be aware, what will befall Malhar and Avni’s connection and their child. Did you at any point suppose? Kalyani asks did I decline your adages? No. I prepared with my exchange, and was leaving. I remained back as I needed to stop Malhar’s exchange. Anupriya feels regretful and figures she will be concerned for her even she goes from that point.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Thursday 9th June 2022 update:  Kalyani says I was leaving from here and made plans for my exchange, however at that point I got my Billu’s news, says he is alive. Anupriya says I didn’t request that you go a long way from here, yet requested that you avoid Malhar. Kalyani gets blissful and kisses all over. Aao Saheb and Pallavi come there. Aao Saheb lets Anupriya know that she was concerned for herself and says you had gone to storeroom. Anupriya says she went to storeroom and heard everything. Aao Saheb chides her. Kalyani says how could she let this occur.

Pallavi says she had hardly any familiarity with her arrangement, yet advised him to go on. She says I heard that Vikram is going to Malhar’s home and will censure Kalyani’s standing. Kalyani says this is sufficient and shows the recording. Pallavi is stunned. Aao Saheb comes there and requests that Kalyani get Pallavi captured. Pallavi says no. Malhar comes there and calls Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb comes there. Malhar inquires as to whether she isn’t blindfolded today and not doing show. Aao Saheb requests that he be frightened from her eventual child in regulation and says you don’t have the foggiest idea about his persuasions. Malhar says however this moment you will be frightened.. He requests that Pawar bring the observer. Pawar brings the peon there. Malhar says I had informed that I will bring the evidences that you was covering Trilok’s doctor’s visit expenses and says no game is finished. He shows the bind.

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My Heart Knows On Zee World Thursday 9th June 2022 update: Aao Saheb says I didn’t have any acquaintance with him. The peon lets that the woman know who used to carry checks with Ahilya Deshmukh’s name was not her, yet this and focuses his finger towards Anupriya. Malhar asks what you need to say and says for what good reason she will cover the bills. Kalyani asks the peon not to lie. Anupriya says I used to take the bills to emergency clinic on Aao Saheb’s name. She tells that when she hadn’t arrived, Aao Saheb used to give her cash to provide for poor and tells that she used to give cash in the medical clinic for the patients who don’t have cash to cover the bills. Anupriya requests that Peon review and recall. The peon tells that yes. Anupriya says she sed to bring checks for the patients and enquired about the patients’ family too. Kalyani says on the off chance that she was unable to figure out their addresses. Anupriya says she had come to realize a got a harmed about a patient state. Peon tells that patient was Trilok and he was owned up to the medical clinic by his neighbor. He had no family members, yet he had a kid in his home. Malhar says kid. Peon says a kid. Kalyani and Malhar get confident. Kalyani says kid… in Trilok’s home. She says that kid should be my Billu and gets confident and cheerful.

Precap: Avni shows Kalyani’s stud to Anupriya and requests that she caution Kalyani after she gets back, that no one has fortitude to grab my better half from me.


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