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My Heart Knows On Zee World Tuesday 22nd March 2022 : The Episode begins with bomb crew let Malhar know that he can break the vehicle’s entryway as there is no bomb or explosives in the vehicle. Pawar requests that constable get the mallet and attempts to break the entryway. Malhar requests that he attempt the indirect access. Pawar attempts and says it isn’t opening. Malha requests that he utilize his solidarity. Pawar opens the open the rearward sitting arrangement of the vehicle and looks inside.

Malhar and Pawar look inside. Sarthak lets Madhav know that he have no other choice than to prevent Malhar from opening the vehicle entryway. Kalyani thumps the entryway and comes there with Atharv. She says sorry to Madhav and expresses out loud whatever happened due to ghungroo. She says it was my mix-up and requests that he pardon her. She says in the event that you don’t pardon me then Malhar ji won’t converse with me pleasantly and I can’t see him miserable. Malhar and Pawar couldn’t see anything on the secondary lounge.

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Atharv requests that Kalyani stand by and calls Madhav as companion and requests that he pardon his Aai. Kalyani requests that Atharv stop it and says he is a youngster. Madhav gets up and says I have forgotten bahu and lets Atharv know that he has failed to remember his Aai. Kalyani expresses gratitude toward him and says she will educate Malhar concerning this. Pawar attempts to open the decky.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Tuesday 22nd March 2022 : Kalyani calls Malhar and says Madhav ji has excused me and requests that he converse with him. She requests that Madhav tell Malhar. Madhav says something similar. Malhar gets cheerful. Kalyani asks where are you lost? Pawar lets Malhar know that the decky opened. Malhar sees skeleton and says kankaal. Madhav, Sarthak and others get strained. Kalyani hears him and inquires as to whether it is skeleton and inquires as to whether it is a similar vehicle which was found inside the lake.

A fb is shown, a woman wearing saree is shown. Malhar says I will talk later and closes the call. Sarthak says I have a significant work and leaves. Malhar requests that Pawar get water and puts water on the garments of the skeleton. Kalyani says Aao saheb and others were against the leeway of lake. She says don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on. Sarthak comes out and gets some information about the number.

Anupriya sees his hands stirred up and inquires as to whether he is fine. Sarthak asks her not to meddle in his matters. Kalyani comes out. Anupriya tells that Sarthak was concerned. Aahir goes with Sarthak and inquires as to why he resented Anupriya. He says Malhar got the skeleton, God realizes what will happen now. Sarthak reviews the woman wearing the saree. Malhar puts the water on the material and sees the saree. Anupriya says might be he was stunned as the skeleton was in the vehicle. Malhar sees Deshmukh saree covering and gets stunned.

Pawar asks what was the deal? Malhar lets Pawar know that no one will realize that skeleton was found and the woman was wearing the saree of Deshmukh’s processing plant. He says I will converse with Aao Saheb. Pawar says alright. Kalyani checks the number in the last dialed, yet it is erased. Anupriya says I don’t have the foggiest idea how to erase the numbers. Sarthak and Aahir come some place.

Aahir asks did you delete the number. Sarthak says I erased the call list too. He says now Anupriya won’t know. Aahir says in the event that Malhar observes whose skeleton it is? Kalyani requests that Anupriya get receipt from kaka. Anupriya tells that Sarthak blows up when she discusses it. Kalyani reviews and tells that might be you offered the saree to Swara. She says she will converse with her.

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Malhar shows the pic in his versatile and inquires as to whether this saree is purchased from you. Aao Saheb says we sat idle. Malhar says I am cautioning you as the dead body is wearing saree of Deshmukh processing plant. Pallavi insults malhar. Aao Saheb tells that he has denounced Atul likewise, however he demonstrated honest. Malhar says you are thinking me wrong and tells that july is composed on the saree.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Tuesday 22nd March 2022 : Aao Saheb says I won’t help you. Anupriya says I will help you. Kalyani says I will help my Aai. Madhav says no and tells that you won’t accomplish any work of that house, who don’t give regard to my child. Aao saheb says pariah will tell us, how to act with my fabulous little girl. Kalyani requests that Asawari figure how Aai will accomplish the work alone. Madhav says bahu. Malhar tells that kalyani assumes up equivalent liability of inlaws and mayka.

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