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My Heart Knows On Zee World Tuesday 8th March 2022 : The Episode begins with Kalyani snickering and asks everybody not to keep maun vrat for her Papa and tells that he was extremely carefree and used to make everybody chuckle. She says he gave his obligation to me that I make everybody giggle and don’t allow anybody to cry in his memory. She tells about her youth occurrence and says it was coming down when they were in Pune, Papa took me to side and fell himself in drain to save me. She asks everybody to simply recall him and plunk down. Aao Saheb thanks everybody for regarding her child Atul. Anupriya requests that Aao Saheb sit.

Chief says now I need to call that skilled official who got the psychological oppressors and calls Malhar in front of an audience. Everybody applauds. Malhar gives his discourse and says another person is additionally merits this regard who has consistently grumbles with me and says that individual is his significant other Kalyani Malhar Rane. Kalyani is amazed… .Zinda hun primary sirf tere liye plays… .He comes to her and gives his hand.

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Kalyani holds his hand and gets up. He takes her to organize. Kalyani grins cheerfully. Malhar says Kalyani is live hearted like her baba and has whines with me that I don’t talk similar as her. kalyani says don’t watch films. Malhar says she whines that I don’t applaud her and tells that he needs to say today that in the event that Kalyani could not have possibly been there then this mission could not have possibly been finished.

He says everybody will be a productive member of society like Kalyani. Kalyani says she needs to give affirmation to individuals that until Malhar ji is in the Police group, no one need to fear, says he is amazing and Aurangabad Singham. We are extremely pleased with you, particularly me. She says she needs this decoration which is so extraordinary, to be given by him by a unique individual who is, in all honesty, Malhar ji’s dad baap ji master ji Madhav Rane. Malhar is stunned and mournful eyes. He shuts his eyes. Madhav Rane gets up from his seat. Malhar strolls down the stage and goes to Madhav. Kalyani grins with tears in her eyes.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Tuesday 8th March 2022 : Malhar embraces his dad and cries. Madhav likewise cries. Everybody applauds. Malhar says Baba you? Madhav says it is my slip-up to stow away from you that your baba is alive. He inquires as to whether he can pardon him. Malhar asks what are you talking about? Kalyani says no one can grab your baba from you and says right now your baba is anxious to attach decoration to your uniform. Madhav says she is little, yet genuine. Malhar embraces Kalyani. Madhav favors Kalyani. Kalyani calls him Mama ji and says Aai helped me to call father by marriage as Mama ji in Marathi. Malhar grins. Madhav attaches decoration to Malhar’s uniform. Everybody applauds.

Madhav show respect to Malhar. Malhar additionally show respect for him and embraces him crying. Madhav then, at that point, gives him declaration. Malhar contacts his feet. Kalyani grins. Malhar comes to Aao Saheb and contacts her feet. Aao Saheb favors her. Malhar gives testament in Sarthak’s grasp and contacts his feet. He then, at that point, embraces him and takes Anupriya’s feet. Malhar asks Sarthak for what good reason he didn’t tell me? Sarthak says Dada will let you know everything, we will talk in your lodge.

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Madhav lets Malhar know that he had just idea that their lives will be better with his extra security cash and that is the reason he thought to arranged his passing. He says Swara came behind me so I took her with me. Kalyani says Swara? Madhav says as I am an artist, I remembered my kids names keeping music, Swara, Malhar and Aahir. Malhar gets some information about Aahir. Madhav says he got remarried for Swara. Malhar embraces him and says you shouldn’t have left us and tells that they got protection cash, however they lived with much trouble.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Tuesday 8th March 2022 :Swara comes to the sanctuary holding sharp edge in her fingers. She rings the sanctuary chimes and rests on the floor with her face topsy turvy. She takes a gander at the sharp edge while different aficionados are occupied in petitions. She cuts a woman’s tote and takes some cash. She is going to go, when she crashes into Aao Saheb and the last option’s tote tumbles down. Swara sees jewelry emerging from the tote. Malhar tells madhav that Swara’s last area is of the sanctuary. He inquires as to whether you are concealing something from me.

Precap: Kalyani lets Malhar know that she is exceptionally eager to meet Swara. They come to the sanctuary and see Aao Saheb slapping Swara for taking jewelry from Goddess’ neck.


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