My Heart Knows On Zee World Wednesday 11th May 2022

My Heart Knows On Zee World Wednesday 11th May 2022
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My Heart Knows On Zee World Wednesday 11th May 2022: The Episode begins with Kalyani coming to Trilok Marathe’s home. The Servant gets stunned and runs inside. Other Servant takes a gander at her incredibly. The mailman comes there and says somebody save me. The canine runs behind him and gets quiet seeing Kalyani. Kalyani gets amazed. She comes inside the house. The chime rings in the clock. A young lady comes running from her room and embraces Kalyani. Kalyani is shocked and grins, checking the young lady out. The worker believes assuming she is seeing dream and says Divya Madam.

Kalyani sees her carbon copy’s pic with wreath on it. She says how might my photograph be here with the laurel and marvels. Anupriya asks Sarthak who is Trilok and the way in which he came to be familiar with Kalyani’s fetus removal. He inquires as to whether somebody gives this stunning news to a little kid by composing a letter and giving blossoms. Sarthak says don’t have the foggiest idea. Anupriya lets Sarthak know that she is stressed for Malhar’s better half and tells that she calls her Aai, and she feels a profound association with her, not knowing why? Sarthak gets stunned and wipes his perspiration. He gets a call and finishes it, lets Anupriya know that it works reason work. He requests that she head inside and rest. A person comes there and gives something enveloped by a covering. Sarthak takes it and requests that the person go right away. Anupriya sees him stowing away.

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My Heart Knows On Zee World Wednesday 11th May 2022: Kalyani takes a gander at the pic and thinks what’s going on, I can’t comprehend. The young lady holds her ears with her hands and takes cover behind the bed. Kalyani lets the young lady know that she will close this sound and asks her not to get stressed. She is going to stop the sound, when Trilok comes there and tosses boxing gloves on Kalyani.

Swara inquires as to whether Moksh will get contributor. She says assuming anybody will be cheerful in this house and cries. Anupriya lets Swara know that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what to say and requests that she believe that God is trying every one of them. She says all will be well soon. Swara tells that she will call Doctor and inquires as to whether he is coming. Anupriya stops her and reviews Sarthak requesting that she rest till he goes about his responsibilities. Anupriya sits on the bed. Sarthak opens the pantry and checks Anupriya out. Anupriya rests on the bed, professes to rest.

Sarthak takes out the enclosed thing by the pantry. That’s what anupriya sees and claims to rest. Sarthak goes out from the room. Anupriya gets up from the bed and checks in the cabinet. She tracks down the envelope and prescriptions in it. She thinks what is this medication about which Sarthak ji needs to stow away from me or don’t have any desire to tell me. Fb closes. Anupriya requests that Swara take care of her responsibilities and get some information about these drugs. Swara says alright and takes the meds.

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The young lady checks out at Trilok Marathe and grins. Kalyani takes a gander at him shockingly. Trilok Marathe says no one can contact the things in my home without my authorization, it is prohibited. He says he isn’t terrible, yet possessive about his things. He advances his hand and present himself as Trilok Marathe. Kalyani folds her hands and welcomes him. He says you look delightful when you grin and requests that she grin. He says I was stunned when I saw you without precedent for emergency clinic, got your subtleties and photographs. He tells that the person is Suhana, his girl who can’t talk. He tells that the photograph is of his significant other Divya, who was her clone.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Wednesday 11th May 2022 : Malhar is likewise at the entryway, yet Security monitors will not open the entryway. Malhar searches in the webcam and compromises Trilok saying in the event that anything happens to Kalyani. Trilok tells that when Divya kicked the bucket, Suhana quit talking and he is longing to hear her voice. Kalyani says she is likewise longing to save her child. He says I believe somebody should be Suhana’s mom. He checks out at Malhar’s advance notice in the CCTV. Kalyani thinks she came to take his assistance, yet he is discussing his own concerns.

Precap: Malhar reprimands Trilok Marathe and enlightens Kalyani regarding his condition. Kalyani says she will come to his home everyday to deal with his little girl. Malhar is stunned and requests that she come. Kalyani says our connection is finished.


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