My Heart Knows On Zee World Wednesday 16th March 2022 update

My Heart Knows Sunday 10th April 2022 Zee World
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My Heart Knows On Zee World Wednesday 16th March 2022 : The Episode begins with Kalyani requesting that Malhar have gola. Malhar says there is a conflict in the house and you need me to have gola. Kalyani pushes him on seat and lets him know that Swara is remaining outside. Malhar sees her. Kalyani says we need to demonstrate her that we have such a lot of adoration in our connection and requests that he have gola quietly. They begin tasting the gola together.

Malhar sees Swara gone. Kalyani inquires as to whether we will kiss and says this occurs in films. Malhar gets up and asks what babble, it was not in my heart. Kalyani says Swara is gone, what might be the benefit to kiss now and tells that they will utilizing kiss equation tomorrow infront of her. Malhar asks everything hogwash and says to that he is occupied for the lake work. Kalyani thinks who has said that it is undeniably challenging to comprehend ladies and tells that it is hard to get Malhar ji. She thinks atleast Swara saw them eating gola.

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Swara is in her room and considers Malhar standing firm for her. She takes out pack from the pantry. Madhav comes and takes pack from her hand. Swara requests that he give the pack back. Madhav requests that she think prior to busy. Asawari asks them not to talk in high tone and says anyone can hear. Madhav says Malhar is my blood and won’t trust you. He takes the pack with him. Swara sits on the bed rigidly. Anupriya is strained and figures what she will do, assuming she will enlighten Kalyani regarding the receipt. She sees Atharv in the kitchen and requests that he be there. She comes to kitchen and asks what’s happening with he?

Atharv tells that he was feeling hungry and came to eat desserts, however it resembles the cash and shows the cash group in the container. Anupriya gives him a sweet and requests that he proceed to rest. She remembers to call Kalyani and calls her there. She requests that she come to kitchen and requests that she come quick. All of a sudden receipt tumbles down from her hand and she plunks down to pick the receipt. Power is gone then, at that point.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Wednesday 16th March 2022 : Anupriya sees somebody coming to kitchen covered with a wrap and takes cover behind the kitchen chunk. The secretive individual takes out the desserts box from the kitchen and leaves. Power returns. Kalyani comes there. Anupriya requests that she come and they emerge to see the individual conversing with a person. Malhar comes there and points firearm at them. He puts light on their countenances and sees Asawari with Rohan. Kalyani says he is Rohan. Anupriya says OK, yet why your sasubai is giving him cash. Malhar goes close to them and asks why this person has arrived? Rohan attempts to run.

Malhar stops him and requests that he be here till they end the discussion. Malhar asks Asawari what is in the crate and for what reason you came to converse with him as of now. Kalyani requests that she tell. Madhav comes there and requests that she tell. Asawari says I can’t advise anything and don’t need relations to be stained. Malhar asks what is in the case which you are providing for him. She says leave it.

Sarthak says might be Vahini has something individual which she would rather not say. Malhar requests that she show what she is stowing away and attempts to take the case, and it tumbles down and they see the cash pack on the floor. Madhav shuts his eyes upset. Asawari checks him out. Kalyani asks Rohan for what valid reason did he come here and inquires as to for what reason did you ask cash from SB? Madhav asks Asawari.

Asawari tells that Swara had sent him her foul pics and that is the reason he gave her such garments to wear and tells that she was giving him cash so he erases the pics. Kalyani admonishes Rohan and requests that he give his telephone. She contorts his hand and inquires as to whether he failed to remember the slap by Malhar’s hand. She grabs his telephone, and says Swara fouled up, however you likewise fouled up.

Rohan says I have many large contacts. Malhar becomes irate and hits him requesting that he call his contacts. Asawari tells that she wwas grabbing telephone from Swara when she stepped on Kalyani’s saree. Madhav tells that he will break her bones today. Malhar requests that he quiet down and tells that Kalyani and I will converse with her. Sarthak says right now she is furious, don’t converse with her. Malhar demands and goes to converse with her with Kalyani.

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Swara acknowledges to have sent foul pics to Rohan and tells that she imagined that he won’t really care for her, however he was frantic behind her. Malhar asks don’t you have disgrace to talk like this infront of your sibling. Swara says she don’t feel bashful. Asawari tells Madhav assuming Swara tells everything to Malhar. Madhav requests that she watch out for her. She says she has sent Aahir to watch out for her. Swara lets Kalyani know that she had told her that Rane family men are generally same. Malhar asks what is it that you need to say? Swara requests that they go. Aahir unwinds.

My Heart Knows On Zee World Wednesday 16th March 2022 : Kalyani comes to Malhar and inquires as to whether he is fine? Malhar asks did you see what Swara did and expresses out loud anything she did was. Kalyani says she was frantic not to wed and don’t have the foggiest idea what is correct and what’s going on. Malhar asks her not to agree with her stance. Kalyani says when I came here, even I didn’t know what is good and bad and tells that even Swara will turn out to be fine. All at once Malhar gets a call from Pawar and asks what is found from under the lake water.

Precap: Kalyani lets Anupriya know that lake inconvenience came now. Madhav chastens Aahir and Sarthak and says Malhar can contact us whenever because of the vehicle’s number plate. Malhar tracks down the vehicle in the lake.


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