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My heart knows on zee world Wednesday 27th April 2022 update: The Episode begins with Malhar requesting that Kalyani take half of the things from the house and breaks the clock to give her half piece. He says you probably won’t give me half of your time, yet I will give my half opportunity to your. He keeps it in her pack. He says the radio on whom we used to hear old tunes. He says take this radio and I will keep the aggravation. He takes a gander at their photograph casing and breaks it. Kalyani controls her aggravation. Malhar says you needn’t bother with this portion of the pic and tosses his pic and keeps her pic in his pocket. He asks how you will divide Moksh among us and is going to break his photograph outline, however Kalyani stops him and embraces the photograph outline.

She keeps the photograph outline clinched and says it is sufficient at this point. Malhar asks her for what valid reason is she terrified and asks everything Rachit said to her. He asks what do you believe that I can’t find in your eyes. Kalyani cries. Malhar additionally cries and wipes sindoor from her maang. Rabba tu itna batade plays… .Kalyani says I realize that you won’t trust me, however this is truth. She says I am worn out on remaining peril existence with you, don’t have any idea when I will pass on with you, I need to be content like an ordinary young lady, similar to I was cheerful in Pune. She says I realize you can’t give me the joy and I feel that Rachit can bring her bliss which she needs. She requests that he acknowledge it and is going to go from the room. Malhar holds her hand and says you don’t have any idea how to lie. Kalyani gets over his hand and strolls outside the room, and cries. Malhar checks out at her with tears in his eyes. Meri tanhaiyya plays… ..Malhar cries seriously.

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Aao Saheb requests that Anupriya say reality to them for Kalyani’s improvement. Anupriya says she didn’t have any idea. Madhav says I didn’t believe that my child will see this day and tells that first Sampada deceived him and presently this Kalyani. He says all the world is watching that Deshmukh family has ill will in their veins.

My heart knows on zee world Wednesday 27th April 2022 update: Kalyani cries checking the pic out. Malhar comes to her new room and says you may be powerless to remain with Rachit, yet I am not vulnerable. He breaks the bed there. Kalyani requests that he stop and asks what has been going on with you. She tumbles down on the bed. Malhar is going to hit her with Ax, however stops. Anupriya comes there and requests that Malhar leave Kalyani. Sampada comes there and asks how might you leave Malhar and Moksh. She says despite the fact that, I am his genuine mother, however he considers you his mom. She says I didn’t be able to return in his life and requests that she alter her perspective and ponder Moksh. She says he is in my lap, yet seeing you.

She asks her to avoid this. Moksh attempts to go in Kalyani’s lap. Malhar takes Moksh in his lap and looks annoyed. Kalyani requests that Sampada do compensation for her transgressions and return in Malhar’s life once more. She requests that she start over again with Malhar. Sampada grins. Kalyani says I will be quiet. Sampada grins. Malhar hears her and goes. Sampada embraces Kalyani. Kalyani pushes her. Sampada says I didn’t expect that you are a decent entertainer. Kalyani expresses out loud anything that I have done is for my child. Sampada giggles. Moksh cries. Malhar asks him not to cry and says your Baba is with you. He says I will provide you with Aai’s side of adoration. He asks him not to cry.

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Kalyani embraces Anupriya and says Moksh was longing to come to her, however she didn’t take him. She says Malhar ji will feel that I need to go a long way from them. She says I am awful. She sees Sarthak remaining there.

Kalyani begins acting seeing Sarthak and asks anupriya for what good reason she maintains that her should alter her perspective. Sarthak comes and requests that Kalyani tell her who is undermining her. Kalyani goes. Sarthak requests that Anupriya share with her and tells that he will help her being her significant other. before Anupriya could say anything, Riddhi hears him and calls Sarthak.

My heart knows on zee world Wednesday 27th April 2022 update: Malhar sings the tune Kalyani used to sing for Moksh. Sampada comes there and starts acting, tells that she ought to have left him and gone a long way from him. She says she is rebuffed for eloping and expresses sorry to him. She says this time isn’t correct, however we will contemplate Kalyani’s words. she says she will be thankful to him assuming he gives his Moksh’s mom and his significant other’s freedoms back.

Precap: Sampada gives spiked milk to Malhar and remembers to satisfy her awful intention. Kalyani gets stressed.


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