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My Heart Knows Saturday 13th November 2021:The episode begins with Aparna says that the move is an enemy of the baby’s mother. Malhar said that the baby’s mother alone did not have to worry for those who else she would not elope with male strangers. Kalyani smiled. Aparna go. Malhar scolds Kalyani and ask him to let the child sleep peacefully. Kalyani said I would go out and learn.

Malhar said no and said he would not compromise on their children’s education and says that he does not know, he had to get good grades and also he had to care for the baby. Godaveri teach Anupriya when Pallavi come and take it with him.

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Kalyani comes near there when trying to learn. Aparna scolds him and call Malhar. Anupriya hear and think do not know how he will take on this responsibility. Kalyani requested Malhar to see before scolding and show you the ropes with which he had bound himself to the baby’s crib.

My Heart Knows Saturday 13th November 2021: He asked Aparna if she has a problem right now. Malhar asking him to keep moving cradle. Kalyani help Anupriya indirect studies, and read the answer aloud. He saw a mosquito bite and ask them to suck their blood. Malhar come there and make her shawl covers and sprays something.

Kalyani touched and thanked. Malhar say that the spray is to attract mosquitoes and black scarf also pull it. Kalyani asked why he did this? Malhar said he had a feud with her and her partner (Anupriya). Anupriya thinking how to remove his misunderstanding.

She took the baby on the bed, but ask Kalyani to make a cradle swing moves. Later in the morning, Malhar ask him to get polio drops baby and go to the exam. Aparna think Polio people will not come because I told them that there are no children here. He came to Kalyani and said that she could not leave without getting vaccinated infants.

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Anupriya come to the test center and see the empty seats this Kalyani. He will not worry him. Kalyani checks and thinking of getting polio in a nearby camp.

She took the baby. Aparna smoke. He came home and said the baby took a drop of joy. He thinks to drop the baby with Aparna and leave immediately. Godaveri says Aparna says that he left for some urgent work and asked him to care for the baby. Kalyani will be worried and thought that if she did not write the exam then Malhar be mad at him. The test begins. Anupriya also got worried. Kalyani reach college with a baby.

examiner said that the test begins. Kalyani said I was helpless and had no choice. She said she could not leave the baby at home so she brought him and said that the baby was very quiet. The examiner said I can not change the rules for you and ask him to take the permission of the Principal. Kalyani said that if I did not write the exam a year then I will be in vain.

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The examiner asks him to leave now and come next year after making arrangements for the baby. Anupriya think Malhar will make Kalyani’s life miserable if he did not write the exam. He thought what he would do in a situation like this Kalyani and told investigators that he made the video and will make viral on social media. He thinks you will lose your job. Examining ask how you can record video in the exam room.

My Heart Knows Saturday 13th November 2021: Anupriya say why can not a mother writing the test and said the rules should be changed. He says there is no such rule that a mother can not write the exam. She asks him to go and bring her. The examiner said ok and see Kalyani stand. Kalyani said that I came to get my admit card. Investigator says you can write the exam. Kalyani smiled.

Kalyani write exams while taking care of the baby. chits someone crashed near and inspectors took him to the principal’s office. Malhar ask the principal to take action against him so that everyone comes to know that he was strict about justice. He blamed her for using her baby to cheat in exams.


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