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My Heart Knows Saturday 23rd April 2022 Zee World: The Episode begins with Rachit holding the mangalsutra to make Kalyani wear it. Kalyani thinks in her heart mentioning God to give her a plan to stop this rasam, figures she can’t imagine wearing mangalsutra by another person’s hand other than Malhar ji and requests that God help her. Malhar couldn’t bear and turns his face. Atharv and Riddhi sign one another. Aahir requests that Rachit and Kalyani pick up the pace and asks the naxal to tell the naxal to hang Malhar, similarly as Kalyani and Rachit get hitched. The naxal tell the naxal standing Malhar. Riddhi pushes Atharv. Atharv moves to redirect their consideration and sings aaj simple aai ki shaadi hai… .Kalyani takes the mangalsutra from Rachit’s hand and wears it herself.

She says thanks to Ganapati Bappa and furthermore Atharv, in her heart. Riddhi likewise sings and moves. Aahir requests that Kalyani gain from her child, and says he is getting blissful and you are looking miserable. Atharv asks will I dance in the future. Aahir requests that he dance. Asawari admonishes Aahir and says this isn’t an ideal opportunity to see dance. He requests that Pandit get them hitched. Asawari ties ghatbandhan to their garments. Kalyani took adjusts with Malhar. Asawari inquires as to whether he will free Malhar after the marriage. Aahir says no and tells that Malhar knows something about them, so they can’t free him. Atharv attempts to free everybody hands and gives glass part of Anupriya. That’s what mamta sees.

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Kalyani opens the ghatbandhan material with the goal that marriage doesn’t occurs. Atharv lets Anupriya know that he will free them. Aahir asks Atharv what was he murmuring in Anupriya’s ears. Kalyani asks Aahir not to beat him. Anupriya thinks don’t tell him. Atharv tells that he was advising Nani that he needs to go to loo, however as Aai is hitched, Nani will take him. Aahir giggles and says no one will go until marriage occurs. Mamta thinks they need to tie Atharv , how to tell Aahir. Aahir requests that Kalyani and Rachit proceed with the rounds. Kalyani sees the wood log and puts her foot on it to hurt herself. Aahir asks what is this dramatization? Kalyani tells that she can’t walk now. Asawari yells requesting that she get up. Kalyani says I can’t take adjusts. Aahir says how marriage will finish then? Asawari says sindoor can be concerned with her maang. She requests that Pandit give sindoor to Rachit. Rachit takes sindoor bottle in his grasp. Malhar couldn’t see this. Rachit is going to fill her maang with sindoor.

My Heart Knows Saturday 23rd April 2022 Zee World: Mamta liberates her hands with glass piece and tells Aahir that Atharv gave them glass pieces. She says everybody’s hands are open and they will stop this marriage. Aahir asks naxals to bring new rope and tie them. Mamta says I am a bonehead to destroy Atharv’s hardwork. Aahir kicks Atharv with his legs. Riddhi says it was my thought. Kalyani cries and requests that Aahir quit beating him. She says I am doing as you said, so sit idle. She says she will wed, on a condition, she believes somebody from her family should go close to Malhar and stand, and similarly as the marriage finishes, her relatives bring her malhar back. Aahir says alright and requests that Raghu make Kalyani’s Aai go close to Malhar. Mamta is liberated and she goes to Malhar, requests that he see Kalyani once and for all. Aahir requests that Rachit apply sindoor quick. Asawari inquires as to for what reason are you taking such a lot of time. Kalyani requests that Rachit apply sindoor in her maang and grabs sindoor and it falls in air and falls on her maang.

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Aahir grins thinking her marriage occurred with Rachit. Kalyani grins and takes a gander at malhar. She requests that Aahir leave her Malhar ji. Aahir says it is great, congratulations to everybody, says Kalyani didn’t be able to wear widow garments. Kalyani asks your meaning could be a little clearer.

My Heart Knows Saturday 23rd April 2022 Zee World:  Aahir says Malhar will be hanged now. He asks the naxal to hang him. Kalyani comes to Aahir and asks what is this joke, tells that she shouldn’t have confided in him. The naxal attempts to pull the switch to hang Malhar. She chomps Aahir and attempts to go, however the naxal holds her. Aahir’s weapon tumbles down and Sarthak hauls it with his leg. The naxal tells that the switch is stuck. Mamta says all are futile and goes to pull the switch, stunning Kalyani and others. Kalyani asks what are you doing and says no..Mamta pulls the switch. Kalyani beats the naxals and races to hold Malhar. She hits the way coming her direction. She runs, hops and holds Malhar with flawless timing just he is going to get hanged. She cries and holds him.

Precap: Malhar lets Kalyani know that he will clear out the phony sindoor from her maang. Rachit holds his hand and tells that Kalyani and I are hitched now, she is made for me, I can’t see her with another person. Malhar and Kalyani are stunned.


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