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My Heart Knows Saturday 25th December 2021:The Episode begins with Kalyani conversing with Moksh that Malhar  Atharv’s band and says I will see who will isolate you from me… Moksh chuckles. Malhar requests that she prepare to go to party. Kalyani inquires as to whether she will get Award and tells that she is getting the honor interestingly. Malhar gives her greeting card to her. Kalyani says for what reason did he consent to go to Atharv’s party and says she has found in films that Villain calls saint and courageous woman to party and afterward affront them. Malhar goes to her furiously. Kalyani gets terrified. Malhar asks what occurred. Kalyani says sorry and says she is frightened. Malhar says he would rather not pass by his desire and tells that it is his defenselessness. He says Commissioner requested him to deal with Atharv’s party security. He asks when you will move past your


immaturity. Kalyani thinks don’t have the foggiest idea what Atharv’s needs and what he is arranging.
Pallavi is cleaning terrace of the house and figures she will exploit his sibling’s extravagance as she has raised him. A lady comes and calls her. She says terrible stench is coming. Pallavi reprimands her and says her sibling brought fragrance for herself and she applied it. Vinay calls her and tells that Sahukar called him multiple times and today he will do some show. Pallavi gets strained. Anupriya asks what was the deal? Pallavi requests that she proceed to study..

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My Heart Knows Saturday 25th December 2021:Kalyani prepares in a customary saree. She asks Moksh how she is looking? She asks him not to play with lipstick. Malhar comes and takes a gander at her. He brings Pooja thali. Kalyani inquires as to whether he needs her to do his aarti. Malhar says he brought Thali as she has worn garments intended to wear in puja. Kalyani shows greeting card and says clothing regulation is customary Marathi Attire. She asks what could be superior to this dress. Malhar says I know and requests that Moksh deal with house as they were going out. He plays with him. Kalyani gets strained seeing lipstick on Malhar’s cheeks and attempts to tell him, however he doesn’t pay attention to her and requests that she pick up the pace. Kalyani figures what discipline will Malhar give her now? She envisions Malhar applying coal all the rage and requests that she apply it every day. He comes out and advises Aparna to deal with Moksh as they are going out. Aparna blows up seeing lipstick blemish on his cheeks. Kalyani comes and inquires as to whether he is prepared. Malhar says OK. Kalyani requests that he truly do confront wash. Malhar asks what would you like to say? Kalyani says really… .she steps on the utensils and slips holding Malhar’s suit. Malhar holds her and keeps hand on the divider. Dekha hazaron dafa… ..plays… ..They have an eye lock. Aparna becomes vexed. Moksh grins taking a gander at them. Aparna becomes furious and goes to room. Malhar asks Kalyani not to say anything until they arrive at party… .He requests that she keep finger all the rage and says assuming you lift finger from your lips then, at that point… Kalyani inquires as to whether he will give imaginative discipline. Malhar asks did I say? Kalyani is sitting in his jeep keeping finger all the rage. She falls on him while he is driving. Malhar asks what is your concern, and says you are falling a lot. He requests that she go to rearward sitting arrangement.

Divekar comes to Aao Saheb’s home and calls Vivek. Vivek says I was going to call you. Anupriya asks Divekar what occurred and requests that he leave Vivek. Divekar pushes Anupriya. Anupriya requests that Aparna take Moksh inside. She tells it is Malhar’s home and in the event that he comes to realize this, then, at that point, he won’t leave you. Divekar takes her telephone and requests that his hooligans hold his family. He requests that Vivek give his cash and beats him. Aao Saheb says we will return your cash. Divekar says he took one more 5 lakhs from me, saying that you can’t reimburse the cash and afterward the house will be on my name. He even guaranteed that he will assist my Aai with getting a kidney, yet that didn’t occur. Aao Saheb is stunned. Anupriya argues infront of Divekar to leave Vivek and says we will return your cash. Divekar says I need all my cash. Atharv comes sitting on the vehicle. Pallavi gets cheerful. Atharv postures and grins. Pallavi lets him know that Vivek was severely beaten by Divekar. Atharv asks Anupriya for what valid reason she is checking out him. He says he was harmed when Malhar lifted his hand on him, however he came for his Taai and Bhao. Divekar asks who are you?

My Heart Knows Saturday 25th December 2021:A•tharv yells and says I keep 100 dalals in my pocket and asks what is how much obligation? Divekar says 20 lakhs. Aao Saheb says we needn’t bother with his cash. Pallavi requests that she comprehend and says we need to take cash from Atharv now.. She requests that Aao Saheb concur for her child. Aao Saheb concurs. Atharv requests that she tell boisterously assuming she wants assistance from him. Aao Saheb says OK. Atharv says Aao Saheb..surprisingly, and says you really want my assistance and requests that she tell on record. He catches her video. Aao Saheb says I really want assistance from Atharv Bapat. Atharv says alright. Divekar requests that Atharv give his cash. Atharv says family time is continuing and takes out his gold teeth and requests that he sell it and leave his Taai and her better half. Anupriya says we will pay your cash. Atharv says once you complete your investigations, then, at that point, I will find you a line of work and you can return cash all life.

Atharv moves Malhar and Kalyani to contend hit the dance floor with them. The two couples dance in the opposition.

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