My Heart Knows Saturday 26th March 2022 Zee World

My Heart Knows Sunday 10th April 2022 Zee World
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My Heart Knows Saturday 26th March 2022 : Kalyani neglects to stop register consuming. She says Anupriya was offering something about number plate and that might have been useful to them. She glances around and mechanics have fled. Police come and capture hooligans. A cop expresses gratitude toward Kalyani for assisting them with capturing those hooligans. Kalywani thinks about how to get the repairman now.

There is technician’s number on his pennant. She says they can follow him through that. She advises Malhar to be prepared to give her source work. Malhar is confident to address the case subsequent to tracking down number plate data and technician. He tells another cop not to give acknowledge to Kalyani as he would rather not put her life in extreme danger by giving source work.

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Kalyani and Anupriya are discussing MH 8055 number plate. SB hears them. Anupriya says she can’t recall. She chastens Kalyani for landing into source position. She further says she realizes she submitted murder. Kalyani sees SB and requests that she come in. She gives her Diwali gifts saying they are not costly. Before SB takes them, Aahir comes and takes SB with him saying Malhar brought Diwali gifts and his gifts should be over the top expensive. Kalyani gets miserable.

My Heart Knows Saturday 26th March 2022: Malhar has organized clinical test for everybody. Sarthak asks what sort of gift is that. Kalyani giggles and tells Aahir not to anticipate much from Malhar. Malhar’s dad becomes furious at Kalyani for ridiculing her better half. Anupriya pulls Kalyani back and tells Malhar his gift is awesome. Everybody brings garments and desserts. Kalyani brings her gifts. She gives gift to Malhar’s dad. He asks from where she got cash? She figures she can’t uncover police mysteries in house. She says she began working in call community.

She took some cash ahead of time for gifts. He discards gift and says now they have worked out like this? Girl in-regulation will do a task? He says her responsibility is to oversee house. He requests that SB toss all gifts out. Malhar protects Kalyani inquiring as to whether she works? He concurs with her choice to work, yet not in a call community. She has ability to do greater things and for that she wants to study.

Malhar requests that his dad acknowledge gift. He declines saying neither him, nor any other individual will take those gifts. Swara ventures forward and approaches Kalyani what gift she brought for her? Her dad becomes irate, yet Swara doesn’t tune in. Kalyani cheerfully gives gift to Swara. Malhar’s dad goes inside out of resentment. Malhar then, at that point, approaches Kalyani what she brought for him. She gives a kurta to him.

Aahir is stunned to realize that Kalyani came to the technician. SB says they should watch out for Kalyani. She won’t keep silent subsequent to tracking down such a major lead.

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They hear Kalyani attempting to track down number plate data from the technician. Technician illuminates her he is clueless, thugs undermined him so he fled. Kalyani tells him not to stress as her significant other is ACP. The technician says he could have another register. He will check and return to her. SB says it’s going crazy at this point. They should take care of her.

My Heart Knows Saturday 26th March 2022: Kalyani is hanging tight for specialist’s call. SB gives her work to keep her occupied. She begins working, yet has eyes on her telephone. Aahir advises SB to occupy her and he will trade his telephone with hers as they have same model. All of a sudden her telephone rings.

Precap: Kalyani observes MH BOSS plate from Malhar’s vehicle. Specialist calls her and illuminates it was Sarthak Rane who finished that plate. Kalyani considers what association Sarthak has with that mishap.


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