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My Heart Knows Saturday 6th November 2021: to the bank to pull the FD for Kalyani’s wedding. The manager said Anupriya was dead and showed a dead certificate who said the family of Anu handed it over.

Anu begs that he was Anu, but the manager asked him for the evidence and came out until then, if not, he would drive him away. At home, Kalyani holds Atharva’s phone thinking why not Atharva get her boyfriend’s message, maybe because she hasn’t sent a message to her. Atharva runs nervously with the cotton. Kalyani followed him and saw him breastfeeding a worrying Dorn Lady shawl. He recorded a video and walked in front of Atharva told the truth out, he would show videos throughout the family.

He was surprised to see the servant not a boyfriend. Athirva grinned and said aunt was injured, so she took care of her.

Kalyani said she would soon be arrested. He grinned and left.
The servant told Kalyani that he saw Anu cried in the bank and the staff behaved badly with him. Kalyani rushed to the bank and saw the manager push and shouted him.

He raised Anu and faced his brain manageer he pushed a woman, he could file a police complaint for it. The manager shouted this woman called himself as Anupriya and wanted to withdraw the money dead for Kalyani’s wedding.

My Heart Knows Saturday 6th November 2021:Kalyani became emotional and this was Anupriya, she could not deny that. The manager asks to carry Adhaar or other evidence cards. Kalyani threw ink on her face and asked if she had proof that she threw ink to her.

Anu took him from there limping. Kalyani insisted on repairing her legs. Anu refused. Kalyani slept on the floor and said Madhuri used to say the same, but used to give up. Anu gave up. Kalyani removed the thorn of Anu’s feet. The two of them reached the next house.

Anu was busy in the kitchen when Pallavi entered and gave a list of dowry items that said if he wanted Kalyani to marry Atharva, he had to give all this. Anu said how he would arrange so much money. Pallavi said it was the problem and the leaves. Kalyani goes forward and says Anu can use her upper paper to prove that she is Anupriya. Anu boasts he knows about it and thinks Kalyani has changed a lot, before he bothered him and now helped him.

My Heart Knows Saturday 6th November 2021:Atharva met his girlfriend at night and said he had to hide from Kalyani and meet him. He was then surprised to see Kalyani instead showing a video of his confession and said he would show it to the family. He warned to return it to him, pushing him to the ground, stepping in his hand and destroying his cellphone with a stone. He will then hit him with a stone when Sampada enters and slaps Atharva and warns how hard he hurts Kalyani, he sees everything and will tell the family. Kalyani said she came here to meet her boyfriend and she had proof now, thought Sampada could help her expose Atharva.

Precap: Kalyani Dorns Slipper Garland to Pallavi to look for 10 lakhs dowry and say the larger culprit is Aao Saheb.


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