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My Heart Knows Saturday 9th April 2022 Zee World: The Episode begins with Moksh attempting to get the kite holding tight to the tree. He tumbles down from the tree. Stomach muscle comes and holds him. Moksh expresses gratitude toward him for saving him and says on the off chance that my hands and legs have broken, I could not have possibly played cricket. Stomach muscle takes out the kite out from the tree. Moksh says you are takatak and requests that he come to his home. Stomach muscle lets Aao Saheb know when he let his secretary know that he is going to Deshmukh’s home, she requested that he get saree. Sarthak comes there.

Malhar requests that he meet AB. Stomach muscle tells Kaka is same and probably become fat with Anupriya ji’s poha. Anupriya asks how would you be aware? He says he has thought. He then gives gift to the two Kalyani and Malhar. He requests that she open it. Kalyani tracks down boxes inside the case. He chuckles and requests that she read the letter which is in the last box. Kalyani peruses the container and gets stunned. Malhar additionally peruses the letter and gets stunned. He asks who are you? Stomach muscle moves. Habibi melody plays… … He says Aai shapat… and giggles, sitting on the couch. Everybody gets stunned. He calls Malhar as Hawaldar… He says he is AB, Atharv bapat…

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He says who is the genuine dad now and says whoever comes to realize that their child isn’t their than their countenances will drop down. He says Moksh is Sampada and my child. Moksh Atharv Bapat… Everyone gets stunned. He says you could have seeing my changed face, I will tell you later. Moksh comes there and gives him drawing. Abdominal muscle calls him Chintiya, your drawing is amazing. Moksh asks who used to call me Chintiya.

My Heart Knows Saturday 9th April 2022 Zee World: Aao Saheb says Aai and Baba will send him and takes Moksh with her. Kalyani gets AB’s collar and asks what these papers are, and tells that she don’t acknowledge this and tells that Malhar ji is generally Pillu’s baba and you don’t merited being called as his dad. He says everybody is changed, however you are as yet same, generally prepared to battle. He says even this constable haven’t changed, and says he is still free. He says Malhar doesn’t come to know anything and says he used to peruse paper here and I used to go through the window and drew nearer to Sampada.

He says he didn’t realize that Malhar was dealing with his ex, child. Malhar becomes furious and says Moksh is my child and tells that my spirit told that he is my child and tells that my heart beats for him since he was conceived. He says I will perceive the way you will grab my child from me, I will get you captured and will open all bodies of evidence against you. Stomach muscle says now you have offered me letter of honor, every one of my wrongdoings are cleared at this point.

He says now I will remain here in this house and on the off chance that all of you do anything, I will let Moksh know who is his genuine dad. Kalyani lets Malhar know that in the event that Sampada tells that she has risk with him, court can’t grab Moksh from us. She requests that he quiet down. Anupriya says Sampada is in Dubai. Kalyani says she is separated from now and returned to Aurangabad. She says we need to look through her. Malhar gets Sampada’s location and illuminates Kalyani. Kalyani says Aai and I will go to Sampada’s home.

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They come to the parking garage after guard sends them there. Sampada is seen drinking and sitting infront of the vehicle. They ask her not to drink. Sampada asks who are you? She says I don’t have cash. They bring her back home.

My Heart Knows Saturday 9th April 2022 Zee World:Malhar lets Pawar know that he needs to see the two man’s face whom he can’t stand a ton. Kalyani asks Sampada not to allow Atharv to get Moksh’s guardianship being the last’s natural mother. Atharv inquires as to whether she is fine and calls her Aunty. Sampasa says I am your Aai. Moksh gets apprehensive and races to Kalyani. Sampada says I am your Aai. She drives him to call her Aai and blows up on Kalyani. Moksh says she is awful aunt. Sampada is going to slap him, when Malhar comes there and yells Sampada.

Precap: Sampada pours lamp oil on Kalyani and lights match sticks. Malhar requests that Kalyani open the entryway and tells that he won’t allow anybody to grab their child. Kalyani yells. They go into the room and track down the fire.


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