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My Heart Knows Sunday 17th April 2022 Zee World: The Episode begins with Madhuri asking Malhar, how they can be so absurd, says when Madhuri had kicked the bucket in Kalyani’s arms and the last herself consumed the previous’ dead body then why I am Madhuri. She says I am not Madhuri, but rather Mamta, Madhuri’s twin sister. She says naxals are the individuals who battle in their life. She says her folks handover her to her kaka and kaki as they were childless. She says Madhuri had carried on with a sumptuous life and that is the reason I used to can’t stand her a ton. She says the destitution made me Naxal. She says when I came to realize that Madhuri is dead, I began wanting to become Madhuri in Kalyani’s life. Kalyani gets stressed for Madhuri and shares with Anupriya.

Mamta tells that Aahir has gone through the comparable circumstance. She says on the off chance that you needed, would have stowed away his transgression, however you got him captured. She says when he absconded from the police headquarters, then she helped him and made use advantage. She says she has two thought processes, one is that she will take Madhuri’s character and can without much of a stretch run her naxal exercises and the other rationale, he will know soon. Malhar says you have done a serious mix-up by telling me. Mamta lets that know the utilization, as Kalyani will get hitched in 2 days and just your dead body will be sent home. She asks the naxals to tie him and checks Aahir out.

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Mamta gets back home. Kalyani embraces her being stressed. Mamta concocts a phony story and tells that she saw the naxal and followed them. They seize and daze collapsed her, then they took her some place. Anupriya inquires as to for what reason did they leave you now? Mamta shows the legal documents and says this is the legal documents endorsed by Malhar, and the naxals left me so I can take these papers to you. She requests that Kalyani sign on the papers. Kalyani says Malhar ji can’t sign on the legal documents. Anupriya asks Mamta, how did Malhar get powerless infront of you.

My Heart Knows Sunday 17th April 2022 Zee World: She asks might you at any point stop him? Mamta tells that Malhar was seriously beaten by the naxals and more likely than not understood such Kalyani’s reality will be saved assuming he separates from her. She says Malhar more likely than not understood this and endorsed on the papers. Kalyani yells and says how might Malhar ji take this critical choice alone and tells that she can’t acknowledge this separation and can’t imagine remaining without him. Mamta requests that Kalyani hear her and gets out anything Malhar did was correct, says even she feels something very similar and on the off chance that I would have been in his place, would have done likewise. She requests that Kalyani sign on the papers to save Malhar’s life and to safeguard him.

She requests that she sign. Kalyani says no and cries. Rachit requests that she see Kalyani’s condition. Anupriya says Malhar and Kalyani can’t get isolated. Mamta inquires as to whether she believes that Kalyani should turn into Malhar’s widow. She tells Kalyani that Malhar is extremely powerless and couldn’t remain on his feet, requests that she sign to save Malhar. Madhav and Asawari requests that Kalyani sign on the legal documents. Kalyani cries and yells no. She says she won’t sign. Moksh cries all of a sudden. Kalyani rushes to room and takes him in her lap. She envisions Malhar with wounds all over and body.

She says Malhar ji and cries yelling his name. Moksh additionally cries severely. Kalyani comes out and takes the papers. She says Malhar ji should be protected and I need to sign on the papers for him. Sarthak attempts to stop her. Kalyani signs on the papers and rushes to room crying. Mamta sneers.

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Mamta comes to Anupriya and says Kalyani needs to wed Rachit for Malhar’s life. Anupriya says God makes Jodi and tells that she has carried on with her life alone, however Malhar and Kalyani’s Jodi are made by God and are indivisible. Mamta inquires as to whether she is pondering herself and says Kalyani will go a long way from you after marriage and you will lose from me, which you can’t bear. Anupriya asks would you say you are actually her mom? Mamta says OK. Anupriya says how she can be cheerful seeing her little girl’s life dispersing.

My Heart Knows Sunday 17th April 2022 Zee World: Naxal lets Malhar know that his life is protected till 2 days. Malhar says I will kick the bucket, yet your life will be destroyed. He says did you at any point think why you came here, leaving your family, inquires as to whether he has any rationale throughout everyday life. He sees key with the naxal. Naxal requests that he shut up. Malhar says Mamta has made every one of you selling out and canines and says you will kick the bucket with Mamta. The naxal hits Malhar. Malhar kicks him with his leg and makes the critical tumble down from his pocket. He takes the keys and says neither I will let you naxals succeed nor I will allow Kalyani to wed another person.

Precap: Naxals shows Kalyani and Rachit’s commitment on the CCTV screen. Malhar asks what hogwash and is stunned.


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