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My Heart Knows Sunday 26th December 2021:The Episode starts with Atharv’s secretary Sneha mentioning that Malhar go with her and really check out the security approaches. Malhar demands that Kalyani stay there and goes to truly check out the approaches. She tells herself her stumble expecting that Malhar isn’t looking at her. She thinks to head inside and really look at Atharv and Sampada’s game plan. She thinks clothing guideline is standard, yet nobody wore it in the party. She checks the card and thinks Atharv sent it deliberately so I wear regular dress. Sampada welcomes the guests and solicitations that Kalyani come to her. She tells the guests that Kalyani, her sister is just 18 years and very gutsy to save people on 26th January. She asks guests to cheers. She demands that Kalyani contemplate Malhar’s respect regardless. She tells that she reveres Atharv and that is the explanation escaped.

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My Heart Knows Sunday 26th December 2021:from house, so my youngster’s commitment fell on her and she needed to marry Malhar. She says Kalyani was considered and raised on Pune, yet continuing with defenseless presence with Malhar and solicitations that guests see her articles of clothing. She tells that she is having compassion on her.

Kalyani laughs and says Sampada… you are so engaging. She says first you left Malhar and kid for the man like Atharv and subsequently saying this. She says she is amazingly happy with Malhar, as he manages quite well. She holds his hand and tells that Malhar loves her an incredible arrangement and she didn’t understand that he was so ardent. She says she is feeling reserved to tell this, but she will show check of their fondness. She contacts Malhar’s cheeks and says you would have taken out this lipstick mark preceding coming to this party. She cleans it and tells that she would prefer not to remain in this debilitating party. She says surrenders for fire light dinner as today is our third month celebration. She demands that Sampada keep Atharv safely and tells that she will be left alone. Malhar and Kalyani will go out. Atharv asks where are they continuing to keep them from leaving the party. He feeling with Sampada infront of everyone. He demands music. Sampada and Atharv dance on the tune jo toh rus janiye… .tere canister… .

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Malhar gets miserable eyes. Sampada comes to Malhar and smiles seeing him crying. Atharv takes Sampada and they dance. Malhar surveys Sampada telling him whenever this tune will be played, her heart will sing it for him. Malhar says this song is our now. Everyone hails them. Atharv asks concerning whether he really wants to move and adversary him. He says lets see who is more capable, Atharv and Sampada, or Kalyani and Malhar. Kalyani demands that they learn dance first and a while later adversary them. Sampada says are you anxious that there is no reverence among Malhar and you, and says love like Sampada and Atharv are not in everyone’s destiny. Kalyani demands that Malhar come. Kalyani figures how I will move in this saree. Tune plays dum post hai… .Kalyani and Malhar dance. Atharv and Sampada dance too, but fall seeing Malhar and Kalyani’s magnificent dance. Everyone extols Malhar and Kalyani. Kalyani endeavors to help Sampada with getting up, yet she dismisses. Kalyani says such a great deal of mindset and says she will recall this day forever and always. She demands that they come to them to take in dance from them. Aao Saheb demands that Pallavi returnn Atharv’s money with enhancements, etc whatever they have. Pallavi says Atharv has helped us. Aao Saheb tells they are irritated because of Atharv and Sampada and staying in the house considering Malhar’s sympathy. Pallavi says we are bearing an immediate consequence of you and considering your mental self view, we may come on road. Anupriya asks until when you will use Atharv’s money which is procured by misguided means. Pallavi asks did you go to see there? Aao Saheb demands that Vivek and Pallavi go to stay with Atharv and says Nul and Godaveri will stay here.

My Heart Knows Sunday 26th December 2021:Anupriya solicitations that Aao Saheb calm down and stresses for the youths lives. She demands that she excuse them. Aao Saheb goes. Pallavi tells Anupriya that she isn’t restless with regards to anyone now as her kin came to manage her. malhar handles his hand from Kalyani’s hand. Sneha comes to them and says Atharv and Sampada shouldn’t have act that way with you. She says you are strong together.

Precap: Atharv constrains Malhar to clean his shoes contorting down on his knees, to save his Servant. Malhar turns down on his knees and will contact his shoes.

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