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My Heart Knows Sunday 7 November 2021:Sampada needed a wounded Kalyani house and complained that Atharva destroyed Kalyani.Aao Saheb called Kalyani nearby and pressed Kalyani’s hand tightly injured. Kalyani shouted in pain and begged to leave her. Anu saved Kalyani. Atharva returns home. Sampada said Atharva could not deny that he hit Kalyani.

Atharva said he had to when Kalyani tried to be intimate even after the warning that they would get married in 3 days and he had to wait. Kalyani faced her and asked to stop lying. Aao Saheb said he knew it was Kalyani’s fault because he was a daughter and Madhuri’s mistake in his blood..

Kalyani warned him not to dare to drag his mother in this matter and asked if Aao Saheb had never made a mistake in life, he was very insulting Anu. Aao Saheb tried to hit Kalyani, but Anu’s savior

He and took him to the room. In the room, Anu asked Kalyani to say exactly what happened. Kalyani said she would not because Anu would not believe it at all. Their argument began.

Kalyani left.
The next morning, Pallavi walked to Anu with a dowry list and shouted at him to arrange all this and even moved his land to his name if he wanted Kalyani to marry Atharva.

My Heart Knows Sunday 7 November 2021:Anu asks how he can get so much money. Pallavi continued to shout. Klyani reached out outside the house with a female organization and shouted that Aao Saheb demanded Mahar. Aao Saheb comes out with family.

Kalyani dragged Atharva and said this was a man who tortured him. Pallavi said he lied. Kalyani said Pallavi was Atharva’s sister and lying, she demanded 10 lakh the dowry from here, where she would get so much money.

He put Garland Slipper in Pallavi. Pallavi shouted garbage what is this. Kalyani asked if she didn’t ask Mahar. He then said there was a larger culprit. Everyone saw Aao Saheb, but Kalyani pointed at Anupriya and said he was a hand in gloves with Pallavi and forced him to marry Atharva.

Aao Saheb shouted Poorna Viraam and shouted to call the police. Malhar entered his jeep and said Kalyani had filed a police complaint against Atharva to harass him physically and Pallavi and Anupriya to look for dowry.. He sent a female organization woman and said she could catch Pallavi for looking for marriage and warned Atharva she could put it behind Baars for harassing a girl and won’t approach her next time. He then warned Pallavi again if someone begged dowry, they earned money and not a daughter, if he dared to ask Dowry, he would be behind the bar.

Kalyani tore the fake certificate of ANU and did not need it, it was proven she was alive. He thanked Malhar to teach Atharva and Pallavi lessons and help Anupriya. Anu asked why he helpedd him when he was angry last night.

My Heart Knows Sunday 7 November 2021:Kalyani said she was acting like Anu, Anu cared to her but acted. Anu pushed him and said he was from the village and could not understand the strengths of the city people, he only kept Kalyani until he was 18 years old. Malhar said Anu did not see that he could, he saw Anu no child after Kalyani came in his life. ANU and Kalyani stood surprised.

Precap: Kalyani checks tickets and tells Anu that Atharva has booked a ticket in the name ____-____. Anu asks who is the second person. Atharva Harasses Kalyani again. Anu walked there and said he could identify people well.


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