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my heart knows april 2022 teasers
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1st April 2022, Friday:

Episode 145

Ashawari tries to create disagreements between Kalyani and Malhar while Swara accuses Atharv of something he did not commit and Ashawari’s plan against him is successful. Malhar later makes up his mind to make Arthav learn his lesson.

2nd April 2022,

Saturday: Episode 146

Aau Saheb plays the tape to the Deskmukh family, and she later manipulates Kalyani into putting her signature on a particular document. Her plan works when the whole Rane household is arrested and charged with domestic abuse against Kalyani.

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3rd April 2022,

Sunday: Episode 147

Kalyani is determined to prove that Malhar is innocent as she heads to the police station. She later finds out that Ahir electrocuted her stepmother Anuprya and she makes the Deshmukhs aware of the situation. Malhar attacks his half-brother Ahir at the police station, and Ahir later confesses about electrocuting Anupriya


4th April 2022,

Monday: Episode 148

Kalyani wants to find out the truth from Malhar’s sister Swara about what Atharv did. Malhar later comes across crucial evidence that incriminates Sarthak. Kalyani then asks Sarthak to come clean regarding the murder of Shyam. Later, Sarthak prevents Malhar’s father, Madhav, from smacking Kalyani and makes them aware of the truth.

5th April 2022,

Tuesday: Episode 149

The results of the postmortem test done on Radhe Shyam’s body reveal that Sarthak is not the one who murdered him. Kalyani then makes Malhar aware of the secret behind Radhe’s demise. Ahir decides to abduct Moksh to rescue himself. The latter’s disappearance worries Malhar and Kalyani.

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6th April 2022,

Wednesday: Episode 150

The eunuchs assist Kalyani in her search for Moksh. Malhar’s half-brother Ahir takes Moksh to a dangerous place and later tries to make a deal with Kalyani in exchange for Moksh’s life.

7th April 2022

, Thursday: Episode 151

Will Dilara and Adem’s relationship work after the baby’s arrival? The villagers make preparations for Tulasi Vivaha while Ahir manages to escape from Malhar. The family prepares for the visarjan of the Tulsi pot without knowing that Moksh is trapped inside.

8th April 2022, Friday:

Episode 152

Malhar is injured, and Kalyani rushes her to the medical facility, but the vehicle breaks down before they reach. The family gathers together to celebrate Moksh’s date of birth. Later, Ashawari tries to distract the authorities to buy Ahir some time to rob the house. Ahir gains entry to the house to steal from the family and attempts to murder Moksh.

9th April 2022,

Saturday: Episode 153

Kalyani is concerned about Sarthak’s safety while Swara threatens to make Ashawari’s secret known. Later, Anupriya is accompanied by her step-daughter Kalyani to attend a work interview at the college.

10th April 2022,

Sunday: Episode 154

Malhar wishes Kalyani all the best in the work interview, but she is later left speechless when she learns that her friend Rachit is the interviewer. Elsewhere, Malhar identifies Ahir as the driver of a certain vehicle and decides to follow the car. Rachit and Kalyani manage to jump off the vehicle.

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