My Heart Knows Thursday 13th January 2022 Zee World

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My Heart Knows Thursday 13th January 2022: The Episode begins with Aao Saheb asking Anupriya what she was telling with regards to significant records and from where she figured out how to communicate in English. Godaveri comes and tells that she shows not many words to Anupriya and concocts a reasons. Aao Saheb pulls her ears and requests that she massage the flour and see the production line work. After she goes, Anupriya expresses gratitude toward Godaveri. Kalyani runs and gets on the city worker vehicle. She looks for the papers in the trash. Chief saheb inquires as to whether he is prepared with the security plan. Malhar says I have made these arrangement and requests that he check. Magistrate says no need and says assuming that he is certain. Kalyani says yuck seeing the trash and its smell.

Pawar tells Malhar that Commissioner Saheb trust her a ton. Malhar thinks astute man got away with his significant other. Garbage man vehicle stop outside the police headquarters. The trash specialist thinks in the event that she is taking the trash. Malhar hears him and offers her cash thinking she is looking through food in the trash. He requests that she have food at a decent spot. She gestures that she doesn’t need. Malhar requests that she show the face else he will secure her inside the lock. She shows her face rigidly and afterward ends up seeing at the papers in the vehicle. She gets it and yells that she observed the 26th January republic day plan papers. Malhar is stunned and inquires as to whether she has gone distraught. He requests that she get down. Kalyani grabs his record and takes out those papers from the document. Malhar requests that she give papers and says I won’t become irate. She lets him know that his arrangement papers are these and those papers in the record were her school papers. She says those papers went in the trash unintentionally.

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My Heart Knows Thursday 13th January 2022: Pawar likes her for hopping in garbage man vehicle to save Malhar’s work and notoriety. Malhar reviews and a fb is shown, Malhar requests that Sampada give her garments bill, yet she tells that she has tossed it in the dustbin and won’t place her hands in the receptacle. Fb closes. Kalyani lets him know that these papers went in the trash unintentionally and she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how it came to there. She asks him to accept her and says that is for what reason I need to hop in the vehicle. Malhar lets Pawar know that he fail to see how might the papers arrive at the trash. Pawar says might be Kalyani has tossed it erroneously. Aparna is taking a gander at them and figures Malhar will reprove Kalyani now. Malhar tells pawar that assuming she has tossed it accidentally then she has found it as well. He stops Kalyani and tells that Pawar will drop her home and asks her not to take Moksh in her lap prior to cleaning up. Kalyani says bye. Godaveri is visiting on PC. Pallavi comes and gets her. She tells that she will take her to Aao Saheb. Anupriya gets the bill from Pallavi’s satchel. Pallavi brings Godaveri there and sees Anupriya in the room. Anupriya professes to set the cover. Pallavi requests that Godaveri concentrate before Aao Saheb comes.

Kalyani inquires as to whether she is smelling even presently and requests that he come. He doesn’t come. Anupriya lets Kalyani know that she didn’t get the bill, yet some waste paper. Kalyani tells that she has a plan to make Aparna tell everything. Sampada thinks at last she is getting hitched to Atharv and brought saree from her investment funds. She figures she will have genuine sindoor this time. All at once house proprietor young lady brings oblivious and harmed Atharv there and tells that he attempted to end it all. Sampada cries and asks her how did she manage him. House proprietor young lady gives infusion to herself as she becomes furious and lets Sampada know that she adores her sibling without question and will do nothing. Sampada kisses his hand and cries.

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My Heart Knows Thursday 13th January 2022: Aparna thinks don’t have the foggiest idea why Sampada left Malhar and ran off with Atharv. She thinks Kalyani is drawing nearer to Malhar. She hears Anupriya requesting that Kalyani meet Jatadhari Baba at 5 pm close to the well and says all will be great among Malhar and you. Kalyani says alright, I will come for you. Aparna hears her and questions her. Kalyani says you heard wrongly. Aparna thinks to go there and meet for Sampada and goes. Anupriya tells Kalyani that Aparna will come definitely and says she needs Sampada’s reality to be known on makar sankranti day. Kalyani asks what’s going on here? Anupriya tells about his significance. She requests that she make until laddo and says she needs some pleasantness among Malhar and her. Kalyani requests that Malhar give her some cash. Malhar says he won’t give her additional cash and says Sampada used to deal with those costs in month to month expenses. Malhar tumbles down because of her. kalyani says she will bring new watch for him. Malhar requests that she remain there itself.

Malhar requests that Kalyani remain as a clock and let him know time so she really reconsiders breaking anything. Kalyani requests that Anupriya go there and become Jata Dhaari Baba.


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