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My Heart Knows Thursday 16th December 2021 : The episode begins with Anupriya told Malhar that he did not know about the theft. Malhar to say you can not steal and that’s why ask Kalyani steal. He said you asked for Kalyani to steal in the cabin doctor. He said that this black spot will be in my name. AAO SAHEB Anupriya scolding and said we were not too bad condition and even Kalyani can not steal. Kalyani told Malhar that he was ready to be punished, but do not blame Anupriya because he is innocent. Anupriya said I would see how Malhar more troubling. Malhar told AAO Saheb that if Anupriya come to his side then they will have more problems.

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Pallavi and AAO Saheb Anupriya stop and hold his hand. Malhar ask Kalyani to tell the truth, he will punish him worse. Anupriya asked him to tell the truth and asked what his helplessness. When the woman came there and said that the hospital sent to feed the baby. Malhar thanked her and asked her to come. Women see Kalyani standing by brick stone at his feet. Malhar asked her not to worry. Aparna asked why babies need breast milk. Malhar to say that the condition is cured. He asked Kalyani again. Kalyani said he had stolen for his own needs. The woman took the baby to feed. Anupriya swept Pallavi and Saheb Aao hand and said that she could not see his daughter in that situation. She removes bricks from his feet. Malhar Anupriya came and asked why she came?

My Heart Knows Thursday 16th December 2021 : Anupriya said he punishes himself and asked Kalyani to say why he did this. Kalyani did not tell him. Anupriya keep more stones at his feet. The woman came out and told Malhar that he had fed the baby. Babies play with chain and pulled it down. Malhar Kalyani took it and see the photos in it. He asks where the chain is coming to you. The woman apologized to Malhar and said Kalyani not steal, but I who had stolen money from the cabin doctor. Kalyani caught her while she stole the money and said that he would catch it. The woman said that she had given the baby in the hospital two days ago and did not have the money to pay the bills. Kalyani gives the chain and take the money in his hand. He asked her to feed her baby. The woman agreed. Kalyani heard someone come in and make a woman hiding. He came in front of doctors and nurses. FB ends.

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The woman apologized to Malhar and said that he was only 4 days and asked him not to punish him. Kalyani says you have to feed our baby, I’ll see how people get you. Malhar asked the woman to leave. The second leg was badly injured Anupriya and Kalyani. Anupriya care for injuries and scolding Malhar Kalyani, calling animals. He rebuked Kalyani for taking someone else’s crime on him. He told Malhar that although Kalyani Billu did not give birth, but she loved him and today he has proved that, and say you do not like Billu like him. He said you have to put an end to hatred on him.

Malhar considers treason Sampada make it inhumane and think do not know if he could see the good people or not. Constable Rao Ji came there. Malhar apologized to him for violating his anger and asked him to endure a few more days, and said he would try to be as before. Rao Ji said we all respect you and go. Malhar came into the room in the pot and fill the pot goodness Kalyani sand. He thinks whatever you have done for Moksh, this goodness for that.

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My Heart Knows Thursday 16th December 2021 : AAO Saheb told Anupriya and Kalyani that Malhar is selfish not to apologize to Kalyani. He told Kalyani that if she told about the torture of women’s organizations Malhar then he will be behind bars. Kalyani say who is to say that I want to punish him, and told him that the house was on Malhar and he’s so they will decide. She asked him to stop poison his mind against Malhar, and say you’ll get bored with poison my mind, b

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