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My Heart knows Thursday 2nd December 2021: The episode began with Malhar thinking about the waiter talking about Sampada and became sad while at the Mumbai police station. He got info from a police officer that there was a bomb at Mangal Das Mall. Terrorists make a bomb on a baby aircraft quietly. Kalyani took the same baby operator and made the baby sit in it after wearing it. Malhar called Kalyani. He took a call and found the battery low. Malhar thought why he refused my phone and then found the phone. He was angry and left with his police team. Sampada and Atharv are still in the mall.

Atharv asked him to leave all the items they steal and said he had the feeling that Malhar was here. Sampada said my son was here. Anupriya took the car to go there. Kalyani is happy with the baby and say they have their own trip now. He said that when he grew up, he would bring a large operator, where he had to take him. He will slip, but hold himself. The police came there and said that there was a bomb here. Atharv asked Sampada to come.

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My Heart knows Thursday 2nd December 2021: Sampada said my baby. The police team asked them to work together and said they needed to check everyone. They asked people in the mall not to panic and work together like a bomb squad here. Kalyani still has a baby operator. The bomb squad inspected Atharv, Sampada, and others in the mall. They examined Kalyani when the bomb detector detected a bomb.

The bomb squad tells you that the bomb is here. Kalyani was surprised and asked how could be here. He removes fabric and bombs displayed. Malhar was on his way. Sandeep, police officers said that the bomb was found in Baby Operators. Malhar was worried for his baby. Sampada said that he could not leave without his baby. Kalyani said that she had been wearing a baby carrier now and said that she was not a baby and she died. Anupriya was stopped by the police who said that the bomb was found in the mall. Anupriya ran in fooling them. Sampada refused to leave.

Atharv asked him to come. Kalyani asked the bomb squad if she knew how to spread the bomb. Baby crying. The bomb squad asked for not to make the baby move. Atharv asked Sampada to come again he would leave. Sampada has no choice but to go behind Atharv. Kalyani asked the bomb squad to stop. He asked him to remove a billu from the bag and then cut the wire. The bomb squad said we didn’t have much time. Atharv says this girl is angry, but don’t be bad. Malhar reached there and heard Kalyani asking a bomb squad to take a baby from the operator and send it away. He saw Malhar and said Malhar Ji.

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Sampada will fall, but Malhar hugged him. Sampada looked at him. Malhar called him Ji’s eyes and asked him to leave. Atharv and Sampada ran out of there with other people. Kalyani told Malhar that she didn’t know where the bomb came, just took it now.

Malhar said they would take the baby. Kalyani said they didn’t listen. Malhar asked them to take the baby first. The bomb squad said we had to maintain the weight of the baby’s weight. Malhar took the baby and gave a police woman and asked him to give a baby to Constable Sandeep. The bomb timer runs faster. The bomb squad said it ran fast. Malhar returned to Kalyani. The bomb squad said the bomb timer was running at a double speed, we only had 3 minutes. Malhar tense.

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My Heart knows Thursday 2nd December 2021: Sampada regretted to run away with Atharv. Atharv say you are not a small baby to listen to me and say it was your decision to leave the baby. Sampada said it was a mistake and my cries. Atharv say you are right, we have promised to live with each other, and said we would be grateful that Malhar do not know about us. Sampada say do not know why Malhar give my baby to Kalyani who can not care for himself and says how she will care for the baby. He called it stupid to not know

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