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My Heart Knows Thursday 31st March 2022 Zee World: The Episode begins with Malhar tying mangalsutra to his hand and says this is the indication of marriage, I have tied it as I need to communicate and make everybody realize that Rane and Deshmukh family isn’t simply yours, yet mine too. Indeed, even I have same obligation to keep up with dependability and satisfaction in the family. He guarantees her that he won’t allow unfairness to happen to Atharv.

He says once Swara acquires awareness, I will ask her. He says on the off chance that Atharv isn’t blameworthy then you will beat me with a similar belt and on the off chance that another person is dependable then I won’t leave that individual. Asawari becomes stressed. Malhar goes to call specialist.

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Madhav asks Kalyani not to safeguard distraught Atharv. Sarthak requests that Madhav leave Atharv and says he was at that point thumped gravely. Aao Saheb requests that Kalyani accompany her and tells that reality will be out when Swara acquires cognizance. They leave. Madhav asks Asawari for what reason she had thumped Swara so ruthlessly. Asawari says she was frightened that Swara could tell Radhe’s reality to Malhar and Kalyani.

My Heart Knows Thursday 31st March 2022 Zee World: Later Swara comes to lobby. Sarthak holds her and asks how is she? Swara requests that he avoid her and tells that she realizes that this will occur with her. She says on the off chance that he has strength, he will come clean to everybody and tell who had done this with her. She says no man of Rane family have solidarity to say reality. Kalyani comes and hears them. She inquires as to whether she is fine.

Asawari comes and embraces Swara. She inquires as to whether Atharv did this and signs her, squeezing her shoulder. Kalyani says Atharv can’t do this. Malhar comes there. Kalyani requests that he hear from Swara that Atharv is blameless. She requests that she come clean. Swara is frightened of Asawari, lies that Atharv had attacked her. Madhav and Asawari unwind. Sarthak feels terrible.

Kalyani is stunned. Asawari says did you see? Aao Saheb comes and says this young lady is lying. Kalyani asks Swara, for what reason would she say she is lying? Kalyani requests that Sarthak come clean to everybody. Sarthak says I don’t have the foggiest idea about reality, first you blamed me for knowing 26th july truth then this happens. Kalyani requests that Swara come clean and requests that she tell who is compromising her and compelling her to lie.

Swara says I am not in anybody’s impact and tells that Atharv fouled up with her. Kalyani says no. Swara feels lightheaded. Kalyani says this is lie. Malhar requests that Kalyani stop it and says Swara came clean. Pallavi comes and tells Aao Saheb that Atharv isn’t in the latrine.

Atharv is in Malhar and Kalyani’s room with Moksh. He says everybody has beaten him seriously for no issue of his. He tells that there is an apparition in the house who has beaten Swara gravely. He says I will safeguard you utilizing this gun. Aahir comes and requests that Atharv give gun to him else he will toss Moksh in the well. Atharv says in the event that you contact my sibling, I will shoot you. Aahir acts and yells calling everybody. Everybody comes there and sees Atharv holding firearm and keeping Moksh next to him.

Asawari reviews and a fb is shown. She comes to the latrine holding the weapon and liberates him. She requests that he stow away in his baba’s room and alarm everybody with the weapon. She asks him not to let anybody know that she liberated him and gave him the weapon. Fb closes.

Malhar and Kalyani request that Atharv leave the firearm. Malhar says you are great child and Moksh is your sibling. Atharv says I sat idle, search that apparition who had beaten Aatya. Kalyani signs Moksh to stroll towards them. Moksh strolls and comes to Kalyani.

Malhar takes Moksh and provides for Kalyani. The fact that Moksh began strolling makes kalyani happy. Atharv gets blissful seeing Moksh strolling. Malhar guarantees Kalyani that he will do nothing to Atharv and takes him out.

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Atharv says he sat idle. He calls Pawar and requests that he bring the vehicle. He requests that Aahir lock Kalyani’s entryway from outside and ensure that she doesn’t come out. Malhar tells that he will do nothing with Atharv. Asawari and Aahir sneers. Pallavi requests that Malhar tell and goes behind them. Malhar holds Atharv’s hand and takes him out.

My Heart Knows Thursday 31st March 2022 Zee World: Kalyani requests that Moksh walk again for herself and explains to that don’t have any idea why kaka and Swara lying. She says why Kaka is concealing who has harmed Swara. She says on the off chance that Aai would have been around, she would have upheld me. Aahir shuts the entryway from outside and locks it. Kalyani yells requesting that he open the entryway. Aahir locks the entryway and takes the keys with him. Kalyani returns to Moksh and gets strained.

Precap: Kalyani is secured her room with Moksh. Malhar sends Atharv to mental refuge. Kalyani becomes stressed and calls Atharv from her room.


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