My Heart knows Thursday 6th January 2022 Zee World

Mismatched Update Saturday 29th January 2022
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My Heart knows Thursday 6th January 2022:Episode begins with Kalyani. She requests that God help her in tracking down an ideal counterpart for Anupriya She envisions Anupriya dressed as a lady. She smiles in her creative mind. Malhar catches Appa and Vivek talking about Kalyani and Anupriya. Appa says he goes to Lord that Kalyani and Malhar could become hopelessly enamored with one another. He lets his story know where he saw as hard to change with Ahilya, yet with time they succumbed to one another.

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My Heart knows Thursday 6th January 2022: Kalyani makes Anupriya’s profile on a marital site. She needs to track down an ideal husband to be for Anupriya While taking a gander at profiles, Kalyani finds that husbands to be are searching for an autonomous lady. She intends to make Anupriya autonomous. Malhar chooses to observe Appa’s guideline. He starts and gets some information about her inclinations and leisure activities. Malhar’s misfires and he was unable to figure out how to make interest in Kalyani’s leisure activities. Malhar observes Kalyani looking grooms on a marital site. He accepts that Kalyani is looking for a lucky man for herself. Pallavi requests that Anupriya convey a few sarees. Anupriya looks for Kalyani’s assistance. Kalyani encourages her to take a bike and help herself.

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My Heart knows Thursday 6th January 2022: Kalyani discovers that Malhar has applied for the exchange. She becomes enraged. Kalyani needs to see Anupriya got comfortable her life. She chooses to track down a husband to be for Anupriya quickly. Malhar gets a bouquet in Kalyani’s name. Sampada and Atharva bother Malhar saying Kalyani has a sweetheart. They acclaim the nature of the bouquet and slams Malhar for his poor monetary condition. While Anupriya rides a bike on street. She gets hit by a vehicle. Kalyani pursues Anupriya and hurries to help her. T

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