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My Heart Knows Tuesday 11th January 2022: The Episode begins with Constable telling that there is no medication in the jeep. Kalyani recollects that she failed to remember the drugs in the clinical. Aao Saheb requests that they go. Anupriya takes Kalyani’s name in oblivious state. Kalyani requests that she open her eyes and get up. Aao Saheb requests that they go. Malhar takes Kalyani coercively from that point. Pallavi thinks assuming Maayi tells truth to Maayi. Malhar carries Kalyani to his home. Kalyani figures how she can be so dumb to fail to remember the drugs and attempts to recollect the meds name. Malhar tells her prescriptions name. Kalyani says I will compose. She composes it on paper and says she will get it now itself from clinical. She opens her satchel, yet she has no cash. Malhar inquires as to whether she wants cash and opens a pack. He gives her a plate of progress and requests that she count all and take the cash for the medication.

Kalyani asks assuming he is rebuffing her and requests what reason is he doing this. Malhar asks her not to yell and chastens her for eloping from that point. Kalyani says I heard constables talking and was stressed over Aai and that is the reason needed to leave. Malhar requests that she count the change and take 500 Rs from it. Kalyani says the entire night will get squandered. Malhar requests that she count. Kalyani figures how he can be so stone hearted and tosses the coins. Malhar returns with the child. Kalyani picks the coins from the floor and thinks this is by all accounts 2-3 thousand. Aparna comes to Kalyani and thinks to enquire what occurred in Mumbai. She asks how she is doing the coins. Kalyani says she has plundered the bank and brought this cash. Aparna gets some information about Anupriya. Kalyani requests that she ask straightforwardly and says they couldn’t track down Sampada and Atharv. Aparna says I didn’t take her name and tells that she couldn’t say whether Sampada is alive or not. Kalyani inquires as to whether she went to converse with Sampada’s apparition from PCO.

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Sampada lets Atharv know that she was unable to stop herself when she caught wind of Malhar and Kalyani’s marriage and called Aparna. She says sorry. Atharv asks where is that, which you didn’t wear. Sampada gives him dupatta. Atharv puts dupatta in her neck and requests that she get hanged today. Sampada cries and apologizes. Atharv expresses what sorry? I caused you to comprehend ordinarily, you don’t comprehend without a moment’s delay. He says assuming you don’t dare to run off why did you abscond with me, you would have remained with your significant other, child and family. Sampada is frightened and apologizes to him. Atharv holds her firmly and says Maayi is dubious now, on the off chance that she goes to Malhar then what we will do. He says we are saved from Malhar with a great deal of issue and damages her. Sampada cries and overlays her hand. Atharv says you have destroyed everything. Sampada says no and holds his legs. He holds her by her hairs and says there is best way to tackle this and says marriage. Sampada gets cheerful.

My Heart Knows Tuesday 11th January 2022: Kalyani thinks how Malhar gets such thoughts of discipline and who keeps such a lot of coins at home. Malhar says I keep it. He brings more coins and requests that she count. He lays on the bed to rest. Kalyani feels sluggish and dozes on the bed. She gets up toward the beginning of the day and says where is my coins and that computation paper. She asks Billu? Pawar comes and inquires as to whether she is looking through coins and tells that Malhar kept those coins inside and the paper as well. He tells that he brought the medication and provided for Pallavi on malhar’s expression. Kalyani figures the reason why did he make the most of me then, at that point? Pawar says Anupriya acquired cognizance and Malhar is scrutinizing her. Malhar questions Anupriya why she went to Mumbai. Pallavi tells that Anupriya requested that they take her to Mumbai and inquires as to why?

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My Heart Knows Tuesday 11th January 2022: Malhar requests that Pallavi stay silent. Kalyani comes there. Malhar reminds Anupriya that she called Kalyani at landline number to illuminate that Sampada is in Mumbai. Anupriya says she recalls. Malhar says you had said that Sampada is in Mumbai and that implies you accept that she is alive. Anupriya says I didn’t say this and tells that she swooned while chatting on telephone, and tells that she is suspicious on Aparna and needed to enquire about Sampada. Pallavi thinks why she is saving us? Malhar says you needed to say that you have an uncertainty that they are alive and you didn’t meet them.

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Anupriya says I didn’t converse with them. Malhar requests that she think and says I know alternate ways of getting reality out and comes clean with about serum test. Kalyani says you have no position to do the test on her in this condition. Malhar inquires as to for what reason did she talk? Anupriya lets Malhar know that she is allowing to him to do the test. Malhar looks on.. Pallavi and Vivek come to Anupriya. Anupriya says you may be figuring the reason why I didn’t take your names and says you have two children and I don’t need their lives to get destroyed. Anupriya tells everything to Kalyani that she heard Sampada’s voice available for potential emergencies. Kalyani says I figure you will tell Malhar everything. Anupriya says we need to watch out for Aparna and Pallavi and can’t tell Malhar without evidences.

Kalyani sees a hoodlum outside their home and beats him. She requests that he show his face and says her significant other is ACP Malhar Rane.


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