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My Heart Knows Tuesday 14th December 2021: The episode starts with Kalyani seeing nurses will give IV to the baby. Kalyani said the baby was small. The nurse said there was only one direction of Liquid IV or …. Malhar asked him to give salt. Kalyani said the nurse knew otherwise. Malhar said there was no other way. Kalyani thinks what the nurse wants to tell me, which Malhar is hiding from me. Kalyani stopped the nurse from injecting saline to the baby and asked Moksh to let him divert the attention of the baby. He tickled it. Nurse injects it. Kalyani held Malhar’s hand and closed her eyes. The nurse said it was done. Kalyani left her hand and talked to a baby. Baby laughs. Nurses hope him. Kalyani asked when we had to give her salt. Malhar thought he had to make a woman who could give him milk. Nurses and Malhar left. Kalyani thought to say the best for Anupriya.

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Anupriya came to class. The lecturer asks who he is? Anupriya said he was still a student. The lecturer asked at this age and asked him to get out and take permission. Kalyani was connected through a call and asked her to say maybe I came in Madam. Anupriya was nervous and asked Hindi. The lecturer asked him to enter. Kalyani asked her to sit on an empty bench. Moksh cried, so Kalyani ended the call to accompany him. Students laughed at Anupriya and asked him to sit in the back seat. Pallavi reached college after Anupriya and thought why Maayi came to college.

My Heart Knows Tuesday 14th December 2021: Malhar thought to make arrangements for baby feed. He saw a woman feed her baby and said that she was ready to give her whatever number if she fed her unhealthy son. Kalyani asked another woman what she was talking about with Swati. The woman said Malhar said that her son was not healthy. The lecturer arrested Anupriya talking to Kalyani while calling and asked him to get out of class. Anupriya said the call was important. The lecturer sent it out. Kalyani thought Anupriya would have forgotten to collect her cellphone and thought that Malhar hid something from her. He thought of finding out and going somewhere. Pallavi comes on campus. Anupriya saw him and hid. Pallavi saw a girl wearing a torn jeans and thought Maayi couldn’t come here. Anupriya thought of returning home. Kalyani came to the doctor’s cabin to read Moksh’s file when the doctor was busy operating. He thought he had to look like a thief who was the wife of the police. He checks all files. He got Moksh’s file, when someone came there. Atharv came to Sampada and took off the mangalsutra. He said he heard that the wedding broker said that he would give a house for a married couple and need a marriage certificate. The wedding broker told the owner did not want to give a house to unmarried people.

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My Heart Knows Tuesday 14th December 2021: Atharv laughed and said that they were brothers and women. The wedding broker said that he would give home and leave. Sampada said that he never thought they had to act as a sibling. Atharv said he did not want to go to Malhar’s prison. Aao Saheb and Vivek talked about financial problems and distributors who wanted to bribe. Anupriya came there. Aao Saheb rebuked him. They talked about the problem. Anupriya said where we would get a large number. Malhar heard it. Kalyani hides seeing the nurse coming. He read the file that the baby must get milk or saline mother. He thinks how to give mother milk to the baby.

The doctor complained to Malhar that he arrested Kalyani when he tried to steal money from his cabin. Malhar locked Kalyani in locking.


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