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My Heart Knows Tuesday 16th November 2021 Zee World

My Heart Knows Wednesday 17th November 2021 Zee world
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My Heart Knows Tuesday 16th November 2021:The episode began with Kalyani going to her room and saw Malhar laugh. Malhar said you were a very smart person. Kalyani says what do you mean? Malhar said you, Sampada and Atharv. Kalyani took a sigh of relief.

Malhar showed a bank report and said Sampada took all the money from the account with them and asked Kalyani if ​​she knew that Sampada did not leave even a penny. He said I would get more money, but where I would get respect to disappear. He said it was good that they died, if they had lived then I would pray for their death. Atharv looks standing like a statue at the mall and stole big money.

Malhar asked Kalyani to pray that they did not live, and said if there was life then there were animals in me hungry for them. Kalyani looks surprised. He says

If I find them alive then can’t keep animals live. The guard walked after Atharv and asked him to stop. The tap water will be opened by this antharv mistake and face that is shown, he takes a tshirt and throws it. He wiped his face and moved his hair. Police and guards come there. Walking Atharv and the skin in the city trash can. The police are run on the other side.

Malhar said if they were still alive and if you hide this from me, then I will grab the light from your life and fill it with darkness. Kalyani cried and said OK.

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Sampada came and helped Atharv get down from the trash. He said the police were gone. Atharv said if the police saw us then Malhar would know. He said we were saved with a lot of trouble. A fb is shown, they fall on the river and then get out of there and reach a safe place. He smiled and said Maayi had to think that we died because of his bullets.

Sampada said we were together now and no one could separate us. They laugh. FB ends. Atharv said Malhar had to think that he did not get our bodies then he would get a doubt. They saw the police come again and escape. They sat behind the car.

Sampada said Atharv that he could not stand it anymore now, and said that all the money they took from Malhar and his Joint Account, and said he did not marry run with him to sleep on the road and had a roadside food. Atharv says what I have to do and say we suffer together.

My Heart Knows Tuesday 16th November 2021:Sampada cries. Atharv asked him to believe that he would make everything alright and said only a few more days, Malhar would not know that we live another he won’t leave us. He asks you to help me? Sampada nodded and hugged him.

Kalyani woke up in the morning and she saw Malhar left? Malhar said I would Mumbai to work and that this was why he had to buy clothes for babies.

My Heart Knows Tuesday 16th November 2021:Kalyani said if you don’t like the clothes brought by you then what? Malhar said then you have to go and change. Kalyani said they couldn’t get good clothes here.

Malhar asks if you want me to do, you want to come with me to Mumbai. Kalyani said we could shop there until you did work. Malhar said OK, and gave him 15 minutes. Kalyani dance and jump.

Malhar said only 8 minutes. Kalyani got ready and said she had to wear mangalsutra and apply Sindoor. Malhar said it wasn’t needed now. Kalyani said she would come.

My Heart Knows Tuesday 16th November 2021:Anupriya saw a dream Kalyani was seriously injured and asked him to save him. He will be surprised and wake up. Godaveri said that they went for Mumbai. Anupriya walked behind Jeep and prayed for Kalyani’s salvation.

On the jeep, Malhar said Kalyani that he took him as far as he would have been embarrassed because of his childish behavior. Kalyani thinks WH.

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